10 symptoms of diseases which can be identified by eyes

Eyes - mirror of the soul. But in the eyes and you can still learn about some human diseases. What kind of symptoms associated with the eyes, may be the first signs of the disease?

"Floats" in the eyes of

Sudden blurring "pictures" in the eyes indicates a problem with blood flow to the eyes or brain, such as migraine or stroke. In the second case, to prevent serious damage to the brain and vital organs will help immediate medical attention.

Protruding eyes

The reason for this symptom is likely becomes the thyroid gland - or rather, its hyperactivity (excessive synthesis of hormones). Accompany this symptom can also upset stomach, weight loss and tremor. Help subdue thyroid drug therapy or surgical intervention.

"Veil" in front of the eyes

Blurred vision and difficulty with visibility at night may be a sign of diabetes, which causes an increase in blood sugar levels. If you ignore this symptom, the next step could be the development of diabetic retinopathy (rupture of small blood vessels of the eye). For treatment often uses a laser that "seals" the broken blood vessels in order to save central vision, but peripheral vision may be affected in such a case.

cloudy ring around the cornea.

The emergence of the ring on the outer edge of the cornea under the age of 40 years may be a sign of increasing cholesterol levels in the body to a critical point. If you are over 40 who is likely to experience it is not necessary - it is a line of body fat, which increases at the radiused surface of the eye and helps focus the lens.

Drooping eyelids

This may be a sign of myasthenia gravis, which disrupts the immune system and weakens the muscles. Also, when the disease affects the face and throat - to speak, chew and swallow is becoming increasingly difficult. To relieve symptoms, you may be offered a blood transfusion and drug therapy. In rare cases it will need surgery to remove the thymus.

Yellowing of the whites of the eyes

The yellow tinge to the skin and eyes appear jaundice. In particular, it says that you have liver problems and high levels of bilirubin. The reason may be poor nutrition, alcohol abuse, infections, etc., so the first thing you need to pay attention to their way of life, to see a doctor and undergo a medical examination.

twitching eye.

This symptom is hardly speaks of serious diseases. Often the cause become nervous overload - stress, lack of sleep, fatigue, and the abuse of coffee and smoking. But sometimes it is a sign of multiple sclerosis. In this case, it is accompanied by difficulty in walking, stammering and bedwetting.

Night blindness

Night blindness in young people is associated with a lack of vitamin A, so the main treatment - correction of the diet. So, you need to eat more potatoes, beef liver, spinach, carrots and pumpkin.

Wen on face.

The appearance on the eyelids xanthomas - yellow tubercles, which are often confused with Wen - is a violation of lipid metabolism in the body. This results in atherosclerosis, and subsequently - increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Brown points to the century

The appearance of one or more points on the eyelids can mean developing cancer related to the so-called basal cell epithelioma. You urgently need to see a specialist, as a manifestation of the disease is most often indicates a high risk of developing cancer.