5 surveys that need to go after a woman 40 years

40 years - the same line when they can be shown a variety of diseases, especially those which have a genetic predisposition. To avoid this, take the time for the five most important surveys.

1. INSPECTION gynecological, pelvic ultrasound

Even if the young girls who do not have any complaints, it is recommended each year to go to the reception to the gynecologist, the middle-aged women this should be done at least twice a year. This approach will help to identify the presence of tumors. Statistics is that cervical cancer is detected most frequently in women after thirty five, so as early as possible is important to identify possible disease to begin treatment time and therefore more likely to have a positive result. The most at risk are those women who have been detected human papilloma virus - serotypes 16 and 18. Modern medicine believes that just they who are guilty in about 70% of cases of cervical cancer.

Remember that preventive examination by a gynecologist involves a preliminary gathering of all necessary analyzes. Sign up for a pelvic ultrasound, hand over blood for tumor markers of the reproductive system, and then schedule a visit to the gynecologist.

2. Consultations of mammalogy, mammography

Five or six years ago, breast cancer was named the most frequent type of cancer among Russians. Every fifth death, the cause of which was a cancer refers specifically to breast cancer. The older the woman, the, unfortunately, more likely, that it will be revealed this disease: for example, after 65 years, the risk to get breast cancer is increased 150-fold compared to the age of 30. This is one of the most eloquent arguments why the need to undergo mammograms at least annually, and even more often.

3. The consultation of the endocrinologist, the analysis on the blood glucose level

Today, on the ground about 10% of people suffer from diabetes. Not only that this disease is scary in itself (not in vain it is called AIDS 21 th century), so it is also causing serious damage to other systems of the patient's life. Diabetics have an increased risk of strokes and heart attacks, vascular occlusion occurs, it falls eyes. Compounding all of the potential weight of the patient, smoking and consumption of food rich in carbohydrates fast and saturated fats.

If the combination of "unhealthy lifestyle" - this is about you, if you have a genetic predisposition to diabetes, you should periodically check the blood for the presence of high blood sugar, and simply sign up to the endocrinologist. In it you can find out what type of diabetes you have for the most terrible, and whether you have any anomalies and risks associated with this disease.

4. Consulting with cardiologist, ECG

High cholesterol, bad habits, lack of exercise - all of which can lead to the fact that the vital processes of the body begin to slow down. According to figures of the World Health Organization, heart disease die each year about 18 million people. This is especially true of low-income population. Most cardiovascular diseases can be prevented or at least successfully treated if they detect at early stages. Therefore, a list of doctors required to visit at least once a year, must necessarily include and cardiologist.


At forty human bone density decreases, which in medicine is called osteoporosis. He is fraught give fractures and injuries. Today, osteoporosis affects about 15 million Russians. In view of the body structure of women are especially prone to this illness is three times more often than men. One of the most unpleasant consequences - a hip fracture.

The main factors contributing to the decrease in bone density - is a high growth or leanness, as well as menopause and hormonal contraceptives. Identify Osteoporosis and tendency to help him a comprehensive survey aimed at determining bone density - it is called densitometry. It is important to remember that during pregnancy or during breast-feeding is contraindicated densitometry.