Meditation House: awareness training

Meditation does not have to go to the gym for yoga or go on nature. Doing this at any time, because meditation - not only the lotus posture and even breathing. Above all, this awareness training. How could she learn in everyday life and why?

Most of the time we live on autopilot, moving in the fog of daily affairs and concerns. Dissociation of consciousness on the cell destroys the nervous system, lowers concentration, inhibits the reaction and separates from the main - to be happy here and now. In theory, everything seems simple, but in practice we are confronted with the fact that emotions do not allow us to relax.

You can do daily chores and train the mind at the same time. This small game will help to feel better and make life brighter. Watch your step, conversation, manners and reactions. Pay attention to the sensations during the preparation of dinner, talk, sports, walking with children, taking a shower. Discover new emotions. Do not try to suppress them.

Anger, irritation, excitement - natural components of your "I". Watching the process, feelings, emotions, feelings, and it is meditation. Take a few minutes a day conscious doing things, and you will be surprised how focused and attentive will your mind. Here are some examples for the development of awareness.


As we wake up? On weekdays, most often we get an alarm clock. Quickly jump up and mindlessly perform memorized steps: charging, shower, breakfast, transportation With us rushing and flow of thoughts. We do not try to stop him, or to the right, only to quickly scroll through as the news feed on the social networks. Instead enjoy the awakening, we block your mind in the past (think of yesterday's unresolved problems) or transfer the mentally into the future (plans for the day).

How to wake up consciously? Open your eyes and before you jump out of bed, pay attention to your breath. Feel the slow flow of heat that flows from the tips of my toes to the crown. He carefully wraps every part of your body and tells you "good morning". Scan your body again and again. If somewhere feel uncomfortable, take a couple of seconds this area. Try not to judge. Allow the thoughts to be, but does not absorb you. Wish a good day. Open your eyes.

2. Meals

How do we eat? Quick breakfast with mental planning your day. Or coffee on the go. Business dinner for discussing a new project. Ingestion dinner with intense discussion of past events. We are distracted from the main - meal. We are what we eat. And we eat. Watch not only the choice of food, but also the process.

How to eat consciously? You cooked breakfast. The kitchen is filled with aromas of freshly roasted coffee or toast. Breathe them. Ask your body: how much he should eat? Do not hurry. Just try it. Pay attention to the shape, temperature, texture, eating sweets. Perhaps you first realize that you dish too sweet or salty.

When we eat mindfully, we feel the saturation, and the measure of the real needs of the body.


How do we go? In the morning in a hurry. We think its about coming. In the evening, too, in a hurry, thinking about someone else, about to say. In phone. In thoughts. In the inner dialogue. All the same autopilot, sometimes only "on" at the traffic lights and directional changes.

How to walk consciously? Mentally divide the process into four steps away: Stop the air, heels touching the ground surface, the maximum contact area, detachment from the surface. Try this exercise slowly. Feel the heaviness of his legs, the plasticity of the foot and feel the physical force of friction, gravity, and gravity. When contact is made, accelerate step, do not forget to breathe freely, keep your back straight and look forward. It is easier to do than to describe. A few minutes of concentration while walking cleanse your mind of debris.

4. The contact with nature

As we rest? The long-awaited vacation on the beach or in the countryside. Stereotypical thinking suggests a standard procedure: to try exotic foods, mix different cocktails make an active swim, lie down on a sun lounger, take a photo for Instagram. Nature, we use only as a decoration. We can admire it, but do not know the language of communication. After such a "holiday" leans feel tired and need another holiday to rejuvenate.

How to contact with nature? Camping - the perfect time for decoration in the head and replenish energy. I do not have anywhere to run, survive, seem to think. It's time to click on the button "stop" and look around. Walk, observe, feel. Try to dissolve among the living. Watch the activity of ants, frogs, which is heated on a stone, sat down on a flower butterfly. Be ghostly presence.

Allow the vessel within you be free and fill it with a new high-quality energy.