Scientists have talked about how to properly fry potatoes

The more is the crispy potatoes on your plate, the higher the risk of developing malignant tumors. in the field of healthy nutrition experts point out that this beloved by millions vegetables should fry until light golden brown.

According to scientists from the Agency of the UK Food Standards (FSA), heavily fried potatoes increases the risk of cancer. The fact is that the potatoes during frying to brown hue, and when there is a characteristic crispy texture in the product is released acrylamide. This substance is dangerous in terms of the risk of tumors. Agency experts emphasize that the potatoes in any case can not overdo, and people need to do to try to refrain from frequent use of fried, baked food and toast. Only a light golden color is subject to the preparation of such products.

FSA Scientists recommend that people there are great boiled and steam food. It is recommended in any case not to store potatoes in the refrigerator, as it causes a chemical change, increasing acrylamide.

FSA experts warned in a statement, and manufacturers of processed foods, which include potato chips and similar products. Acrylamide, which is also contained in tobacco smoke, has proved its ability to act as a carcinogen in animal studies. FSA data obtained suggest that all groups, but particularly children, consume today significantly more acrylamide than is necessary.