5 product against stress and depression

Modern man meets daily with the stress and emotional turmoil. The nervous system has to be oh how difficult! But do not despair: there is a solution!

Experts have 5 products that can instantly lift your mood, and even - to relieve depression.

Bright fruit and vegetables

Persimmon, orange, pumpkin, carrots, beets - all fruits and vegetables, for which nature has not regretted paints are able to charge a good mood. And it's not just their positive staining. It turns out that the red and orange fruits and vegetables contain special substances - bioflavonoids. They improve brain circulation. Due to this the brain receives more oxygen. The result - excellent health and good mood.


Another piece of fruit, it is indispensable for depression - a banana. These solar fruit contain a substance onalkaloid Harman, which can cause a sense of euphoria. A vitamin B6 which are also rich in bananas, effectively calms the nervous system, gives mental harmony and balance.


These amazingly delicious seafood contain a record large amounts of iodine. But this element is responsible for the performance and activity of human brain function, relieves fatigue and actively resists stress. By the way, it has a similar effect and seaweed.

[/b] Spices.

Cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, turmeric Spices not only make the dishes taste more vivid and expressive, but also able to defeat any depression. They mobilize internal forces of the body, reduce anxiety and elevate mood.

[b] Mustard

Mustard - is not only delicious condiment, but also an excellent wrestler with stress. It increases levels of the hormone of happiness - serotonin, and gives an incredible burst of cheerfulness. Nutritionists advise to use at least one tea spoon of mustard per day. However, if the seasoning you do not like - you can replace it with red pepper, wasabi or horseradish.