Get rid of excess weight can help psychological tricks

In our subjective feeling of hunger is affected by many factors: the appearance of the dish and a plate on which it is served, the flavor and color of the product, the atmosphere in which we eat, the sounds that surround us, and much more.

Nutritionists do not eat at the computer or television, not because it is uncivilized, but only because the distraction of work or the plot of the film, we are aware of it, we eat a lot more than you need. In addition, the very process of food, we almost do not enjoy, because all our attention is focused on the screen and on a purely psychological level can show that we still have not ate, says doctor-nutritionist Lyudmila Babich.

Therefore make it a rule to eat only at the table, slowly and chewing food thoroughly and enjoying the process. You do not need to be distracted by watching the show or correspondence in social networks.

In the process of absorption of food are important eye - you should enjoy the view of your meals and estimate "by eye" as you ate, knowing that this portion is sufficient to saturate.

"Avoid large plates - psychologically they cause a desire to fill them to the brim with food. Eat from small plates - so psychologically portion seems greater. By the way, there is another good psychological trick - buy a plate of blue, gray or black - as it would not sound incredibly, these colors reduce appetite. This is due to the fact that in nature, in natural products such colors are extremely rare, because the appetite, they simply do not cause, in contrast to, for example, red and orange, which incite the appetite for associations that cause us subconsciously " - the doctor said.

If you eat out a few trays or saucers, do not remove the blank from the table immediately - even remind you of what you have eaten enough.

For half an hour before a meal drink a glass of mineral water at room temperature. This will give your body the confused feelings of hunger and thirst, and start the process of advance preparation for digestion.