Expert advice, how to cure colds per day

In cold weather, it does not cost anything to catch a cold. It is much more difficult to quickly get back on their feet. Professor Ron Eccles (Ron Eccles) from Cardiff University Centre for the Study of colds tells how you can cope with the disease in just one day.

7:00 - take a hot shower

Waking up with the temperature, you do not want to go to the bathroom immediately. However, hot shower - very important for the recovery procedure. Hot water will calm the trembling, and the steam will help clear the sinuses.

8:00 - eat porridge with berries for breakfast

Proper diet - the most important component of the healing process. Drink orange juice to replenish vitamin C, and eat a big bowl of porridge, flavored berries contain antioxidants.

10:00 - make inhalation

The common cold can lead to blockage of the sinus, which is why you will feel a throbbing headache. Remove it help drug like aspirin and paracetamol. Do not forget about cough drops: they promote salivation and help relieve discomfort in the throat. To cope with the pain and clear the airway, you can also hold your head over the steam from the hot water for five minutes.

12:00 - go for a walk

You certainly do not want to walk in the cold weather, but a short walk will not only improve mood before dinner, but also strengthen the immune system. Do not worry, you will be worse. You can even make a couple of exercise, if cold symptoms are not too strong.

13:00 - for lunch eat something cold

Protein is involved in the construction of immune system cells and activates its operation. People who eliminate meat from your diet during a cold, always suffer longer.

15:00 - drink different liquid.

Herbal teas and other hot liquids help cleanse the body from infection. A positive effect of orange juice will appear during the week when you will recover from the disease.

18:00 - eat curry

Dine meal containing curry or chili. Ginger, garlic and pepper are also known for its antiviral and antibacterial properties. Spices can help you get rid of germs and clear the airway.

20:00 - take a bath

Let your tired and aching muscles to relax in the bath. Another portion of the hot steam will help finish off a cold.

22:00 - get some sleep at least 8 hours

Your body needs rest to recover. A good sleep will help him regain strength. In general, regular sleep is necessary for normal functioning of the immune system. Do not drink the night stimulating beverages like coffee and alcohol, do not watch TV for a long time and do not work in bed.