Needles and onion peel cleanse the body of toxins

Methods of cleansing the body a whole lot, but it is safer and more effective to use a mixture of herbs.

Doctors are categorically against the use of harsh methods of cleansing the body, and the more untested drugs and dietary supplements that promise miraculous results, but often only harmful to health. But against the light herbal concoctions, urging on the immune system and trigger metabolic processes in the body, experts have nothing against.

There is a lovely tested and does not require time consuming and expensive prescription doctor told Victoria Savitskaya. We start with the fact that freeze the water in the fridge, give it to melt. The melt water adding five tablespoons of young pine needles, a few spoonfuls of onion peel and the same amount of rose hips. Boil it all within 10 minutes and without straining, leave to infuse overnight. In the morning the resulting mixture should be again put on fire and boil for ten minutes. Then leave broth overnight. Well, the next day start to drink this remedy - throughout the day (ideally with an interval of one and a half to two hours), one tablespoon.

This simple recipe is perfect "spurs" the body's defenses, starts the self-cleaning mechanism, removes toxins are deposited.

Excellent proven itself and this recipe: in a liter of clean water and add a handful of dried minced burdock root. Boil for 10 minutes over high heat, then boil on low heat, adding a tablespoon of red clover, elderberry and peppermint.

"Give the broth to cool, strain and drink throughout the week for a third cup for 30 minutes minutes before a meal. Over the next 7 days - twice a day, 7 days following - once a day, in the morning on an empty stomach. This recipe is good for the fact that in addition to the purification of the body and helps clean the blood and liver, and after a course of improving skin condition, hair and nails, "- says the doctor.