Quitting smoking helps get rid of depression

Britain and the Czech Republic Experts found that those individuals who smoke and are thus depressed emotional state, get rid of depression after a bye to cigarettes.

In the study, patients were involved in a medical institution, which helps to stop smoking. The experiment lasted a year. It was found that two-thirds of the subjects had a depressed state of mind.

Those smokers who have a depressive disorder, is much harder to give up their addiction, and so they need care and attention.

At the same time, those persons who are prone to mental disorders are more likely to become addicted to tobacco products.

Scientists estimate that 9.6 million smokers account for three million people who suffer from mental disorders.

Smoking robs the person of his life and the depression still further reduces life by 10-20 years.

Dr. Leoni Brouz states that oppressed lovers cigarettes need specialized care, and when their emotional state is improved, and also observed improvement in overall physical health.