Amyloid deposits

The effects of Alzheimer's disease should be considered when taking drugs that reduce blood clotting.

German experts from the HELIOS hospitals in Schwerin published a retrospective study, and analyzing the significance of amyloid deposits in the brain tissue for the treatment of stroke. It turned out that a person with cerebral angiopathy amiloindnoy have an increased risk of stroke in the reception antigoagulyantov or thrombolysis. Reported Deutsches & Auml; rzteblatt.

Cerebral amyloid angiopathy, which is often combined with Alzheimer's disease is characterized by deposition of amyloid protein in small cerebral arteries and capillaries. There have microaneurysms, fibrinoid necrosis, vascular occlusions.

A meta-analysis showed that the haemorrhage caused by thrombolysis in 70% of tissue samples showed amyloid deposits. A similar trend was observed for bleeding when taking vitamin K antagonists and oral anticoagulants in with amyloid deposits.