Doctors told how to re-do not catch the flu

Even if you are already ill with influenza and SARS this winter, it does not mean that the disease does not threaten you more - because in many different regions of circulating strains, and with the constant fluctuations of weather the body becomes more susceptible to viruses.

After prolonged New Year holidays sure many of us have gained a couple of extra kilos, but, according to the expert, any radical weight loss methods should not be used right now. For any diet intended to limit the power and, therefore, the body loses calories and valuable substances.

"Where do we get the forces to combat viruses? In addition, when there is insufficient power body to become more difficult to heat themselves. It is important to eat a balanced and on time. Do not skip breakfast - it is especially important in the winter, because you have to go out in the cold, and the body needs energy to keep warm. Perfect "warm" and supply the body with valuable trace elements and minerals, various porridges - oatmeal, buckwheat (due to iron it is perfectly "heats"), rice, corn. For lunch, be sure to eat hot. Required during the day to eat 150-200 grams of meat, seafood or fish - to fill the need for protein. For immunity and good work of the digestive tract are useful natural dairy products. At least once a day, drink a glass of kefir, fermented baked milk, natural yoghurt, "- the doctor said.

The expert added that the winter must be a variety of vegetables and fruits in the diet. Citrus fruits, pomegranate, raspberry, rose, green onions and greens well strengthen the immune system and provide the body with vitamins.

And, of course, do not forget about the simple rules of hygiene - wash your hands frequently, be sure to disinfect them after traveling on public transport, ventilate the room in the house or office premises at least once per hour, as often as there is dry cleaning services can be.