Ice cream can cause heart disease

For those who care about their nutrition and health, it is better to abandon the consumption of ice cream in industrial production. This conclusion was made by specialists from the United States, it appeared that cool treat can have adverse effects on the cardiovascular system.

Ice cream is extremely popular product, but manufacturers have introduced into its composition a lot of additives, some of which are extremely harmful to human health. "It was an ice cream even more often began to add food additives which can cause not only oncology, but also problems with the cardiovascular system," - said US researchers.

In the list of food additives to be added to ice cream, it is possible to meet sweeteners, emulsifiers, flavor enhancers, colorants and non-natural fats. Especially dangerous product with a "bouquet" of these additives can be for people who are overweight and high cholesterol in the blood, kidney problems, and gallbladder.

Experts pointed out: fans of ice cream is better to cook it yourself from natural ingredients. As additives, use products containing polyphenols, for him - nuts, cocoa, dark chocolate. Cooked this way the ice cream will only benefit the body, provided the moderate use, the experts stressed.

They conducted experiments involving 14 volunteers who ate ice cream with nuts, cocoa and other ingredients, rich in polyphenols. Tests taken from them, then, have shown that increased levels of nitric oxide, which helps arteries in the blood to be healthy people.