Sleepwalking is more dangerous than previously thought

Swiss doctor called for the adoption of preventive measures against this phenomenon of people exposed.

Doctor Thomas Sauter from Berne (Switzerland) analyzed data from 620 thousand. Victims of the accident and found 11 of them lunatics. All they have suffered under various circumstances: someone fell out of bed, fell down the stairs, fell out of the window. Four of them after inspection remained in the hospital for further examination, two of whom were seriously injured, and one patient was paralyzed.

In these 11 cases, sleepwalking (somnambulism) was the apparent cause of the incident and was listed in the diagnosis, however, far from everyone is, traumatologist uses such concepts in their vocabulary - said Thomas Sauter. The specialist emphasized the danger to people who are under the influence of certain drugs and have no need to take preventive measures to avoid injury.

sleepwalking (somnambulism) phenomenon have been reported in 2-3% of adults, but children are exposed to it more often, as the central nervous system have not formed completely. For children under 6 years of sleepwalkers are 15%, and in the category of 6 to 11 years - 11%.