5 Named the most useful and low-calorie products

Nutritionists are constantly reminded of how badly the body during the diet needs for vitamins and minerals. Many people in an effort to quickly get rid of excess weight forget that you need to eat not only nizkakaloriynymi but useful products.

Therefore, experts advise to more often use "light" ingredients in your favorite dishes, as well as use them as a snack.

Top 5 useful products with calories - from zero to 70 which is included in the diet during dieting.


Apples - a real valuable vitamin and mineral complex. They can be safely attributed to the most useful and accessible dietary products. According to leading nutritionists planet apples - perfect for a snack during the day.


Due to the low calorific value and high content of nutrients, beetroot - great for salads lovers.

Beetroot contains fiber, thereby stimulating the gastrointestinal tract and improves intestinal peristalsis. Moreover, betaine, a part of the beet regulate fat metabolism and metabolism.


The product, which according to nutritionists, is literally created by nature itself for the diet. From curly to cabbage, broccoli and iceberg - any cabbage is very useful for health, and contains almost zero calories, making it a superfood for those who lose weight and adhere to a healthy diet.

Green beans

Calories in green beans with all the richness of vitamins in the composition of very small - even 25 calories is unlikely to be typed, which makes it an excellent source of vitamins and minerals for those who adheres to a diet and health care.


Pleasant is the fact that such a tasty and wholesome berry contains the minimum number of calories - namely about 30 kcal per 100 grams.

To saturate the body with vitamins, eat strawberries, nutritionists recommend as the summer fresh and frozen winter.