Proper food at the restaurant: 6 tips to help

Even if you follow the health and proper nutrition, it is not necessary to give up going to the restaurant. Follow certain rules to such outlets in the light not turned overweight.

Exit out to breakfast, lunch or dinner - it is something special. The restaurant is now something more than just a place to eat. Atmosphere, interior design, fine cuisine - this is the impression that we are charged with optimism and fills life with meaning.

No matter who you go to a restaurant (with family, friends, colleagues), you can just enjoy the food and the fact that cool spend time without thinking about the process of cooking and dishes. However, there is in this leisure and nuances. Scientific studies show that the average meal in the restaurant exceeds the caloric norm.

Of course, sometimes it is possible to afford not to count calories and exceed the allowed limits. If you spend time in restaurants quite often and have promised myself to lose weight in the new year, remember the simple secrets to help you eat right in catering establishments.

Choose the right places

Gone are the days when the gastronomic world revolves around one decent restaurant in town. Today, even in small towns there are a few decent establishments from which to choose the one that is right for you.

Pre phone to your friends and decide exactly where you go. Do not hesitate to say that what you want for you. Friends will support your efforts to eat right and prefer burgernoy cafe with dishes, grilled or steamed.

However, try not to drive themselves into the rigid framework. Sometimes you can treat yourself to a burger and if you know that it is prepared by caring hands of high-quality ingredients. Do not turn into a bore, for friends the next time think twice before you call you for dinner.

Realistically assess their strength

When we come to the restaurant, the eyes diverge, and the soul of a direct course, and at a fast speed rushes to the very epicenter of gastronomic paradise. Order I want everything at once, because even when you manage to find time to visit the steep places in good company. Such thoughts are fundamentally wrong. you can always find time if you wish. The same dinner there to spend it on themselves.

In order to realistically assess their strength. If you know it's too much for you, but I want to try everything, then ask a friend to order the dish in half. Typically, restaurants are willing to meet and share a portion. There is nothing worse, if you're feeling sorry for the money spent, through the power of eat up all or, alternatively, leave the good half of the dishes on a plate.

Put aside the phone

Yes, this information is for you avid smartfonomany who check email in any free minute, and can not live without having to post the photo of his dinner.

Grumble and foaming at the mouth to prove that it is unseemly and distracting, we will not. Instead, we report the results of a recent research study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. During the experiment, it was found that apart from the food to the phone, you lose vigilance, and the brain does not receive a time signal about saturation. The result of this behavior would be the inevitable overeating.

Do not give up on other methods food.

Proper nutrition in the first place should be balanced. If you do decide to normalize the diet in the new year, do not forget this simple rule. During the day a person should be about 5 meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks), that's different is called a fractional power.

human psychology works this way: if you plan on going to the restaurant, all other meals or skipped altogether or replaced with light snacks. As a result, you come to the restaurant hungry and order a lot of different dishes that you would never have eaten if properly nourished throughout the day.
Pleasant emotions can also be obtained from a single dish. Keep this in mind and not become hostage to a cult food.

Eat in small companies

We do not encourage you to be a sociopath and abandon the noisy meetings with favorite company, but if you do not crave communication, and enjoy a delicious meal and charge the body with fuel, you do not call a lot of friends. Talk to them in a different environment.

Scientific evidence shows that the more people at the table, the more eating everyone present. When you're at the table alone, you are more likely not to go the way of proper nutrition and do not overdo it with food. John de Castro Psychologist gives the following figures:. "If you eat in the company of a friend, your portion is increased by 33% compared to the dinner alone if the company becomes greater than 234 567 persons, the portion of each increased by 475869 7072 and 96%, respectively. "

Explore the menu in advance

In the age of modern technology going to the restaurant, you can plan in advance. Just go to the website or to the page places in social networks and e-mail, open the menu, which contains the name, the price and size of dishes. If you watch your diet, you can immediately understand that you will need to order tonight.

Still have questions? Write restaurant. Today, most institutions are different exemplary client orientation and will answer you, they fry the chicken in the pan or on the grill and can be replaced in a salad dressing.