How not to be mistaken with the size

Are you sure that your diet really is carefully selected and healthy? Did you know that so-called light products are not recommended for a truly healthy diet?

Often we believe that light products do not pose any danger to our health. That is why we often misuse such food.

But do not forget that one of the foundations of a healthy diet is correctly matched the size of servings consumed us food.

It is worth remembering that even the most nutritious foods in excess can be harmful to our body.

Why is it important to monitor portion sizes?

A serving refers to the amount of food consumed by us for breakfast, lunch, dinner or while snacking.

If you want your diet to be healthy, it is very important to follow the serving size. Without this very easy to make a mistake, bringing you eat more or less than necessary.

From serving size depends on the amount received by our body of nutrients necessary for the proper operation of all its organs and systems. As a rule, most of these errors make those of us who want to lose weight.

You try to carefully follow all recommendations to ensure that your diet is healthy? You are done, but this topic is one small aspect that must be borne in mind.

The size of servings of food consumed by us is the determining factor, which determines our health and figure.


The recommended serving of grains is from 3/4 to 1 cup. Unfortunately, hardly anyone of us remembers it. Very often, we fill their plate without thinking about the size of servings.

In this case it is very easy to make mistakes and to eat more than two servings of grains. Even then, sometimes we want to supplement. This can not be allowed, because in such a case, you can easily eat 3-4 servings of cereals, not realizing in this report.

Therefore, it is important to measure their portions and avoid cereals intended for children: they contain large amounts of sugar.

Chicken breast

Contained in the chicken breast proteins are very useful. But this does not mean that it can be eaten in any quantity. So, it is recommended to use 3 to 4 ounces of chicken breast that is 85-115 g

It should be borne in mind that the usual chicken breast can have a capacity of 2-3 servings.


If you sometimes allow yourself to eat a hamburger, considering it a good source of beef, you make a typical mistake.

The fact that the recommended serving of beef should not exceed 85 the Hamburgers, which offer us the restaurants and cafes generally contain from 150 to 225 g of meat.

As a result, we risk to use twice as many calories.

Coffee with cream

You might think a good idea to substitute a hearty breakfast at a light, followed by a cup of coffee. Maybe you're right, but only if you do not abuse the cream.

So, it is recommended to use no more than one tablespoon of cream per day. If you think that this is too little, do not forget that most of the cream are on the shelves contain:

Aerosol oil.

Wanting to prepare healthy meals, we prefer to give up butter and vegetable oils. Each of us knows that they do eat more high-calorie.

But the oil aerosol can hardly be considered the best solution. So, it's recommended dosage is 1/4 second.

As for real life, the average duration of spraying this oil is about 6 seconds.

Thus, the oil aerosol can be easily included in the black list of products.

It is preferred to use the more useful vegetable oils: coconut and sesame oil, avocado oil, etc.

Normally we do not see anything wrong in sandwiches with light meat. Indeed, with regard to fast food restaurants, these sandwiches are the most useful alternative.

But do not forget about the portions we eat bread.

It is best not to eat more than one piece of bread per day. This is particularly true of white bread. The most useful is the bread from whole wheat flour.


One can hardly argue with the fact that the fruits of great benefit to our body and allow us to lead a more healthy lifestyle. But even here there are pitfalls. They consist of sugars which contain fruit.

With some fruits have to be careful, otherwise you can very easily exceed the number we need calories and carbohydrates. For example, with grapes. The recommended serving of grapes is 16 grapes.


Salad is a recognized ingredient of a healthy diet. The only thing you need to remember when preparing salads, - abuse of dressing can nullify the benefits of this dish.

So that your diet is healthy, when preparing lettuce is recommended to use no more than two tablespoons of dressing.

As for the salads offered at restaurants, these dishes may contain more than 500 calories. And all this because of the fat contained in the gas stations.

As for the portions of food intake, it is not recommend to rely only on the information given on food labels. Often, it does not reflect the recommended amount of food, and its average volume as used.