Named three mandatory for every day

The task of choosing food the human brain solves many times during each day. But, despite all the variety of dishes and snacks, which are now available to the ordinary consumer, some of them must always remain in the diet, scientists say.

Usually all strive to ensure that food was varied. Research staff at Cornell University (USA) showed that the average person is more than 200 times a day makes decisions related to food and drinks, choosing what, where, when and how much to buy, eat and drink.

But, although the nutritionists recommend eating diverse, US scientists said: some products should be included in the daily diet as it may seem boring.

Particularly suitable for regular use they called oat gruel (of cereals, flakes instead). It is an ideal choice not only for breakfast but also for garnish, experts noted.

Use oats, according to experts, is invaluable. It contains a lot of essential micronutrient for the maintenance of health - such as for example magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, selenium, vitamin B, and others. Oatmeal for human consumption is not only healthy, but also suffering from anemia, overweight or have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, as well as with a weak heart.

Another mandatory product - is an egg. Recent studies have conclusively disproved the assertion that eggs contain too much cholesterol, experts stressed. "Regular consumption of eggs helps to maintain good physical shape, it helps improve health, improve memory and mental abilities" - that is their verdict.

Also, according to the findings of doctors from the United States, a permanent diet should definitely include organic dairy products - such as yogurt. In it, as doctors say, contains a lot of calcium - more than milk.

"In addition to calcium and yogurt contains probiotics, which have a positive effect on the digestive process and the formation of a strong immunity. Drink it not only possible, but necessary throughout the day "- recommended by clinicians.