Establish a dream to help aromas of bergamot and vanilla

Insomnia - a dangerous phenomenon that corrupts not only quality of life but also the state of health and even the old body, but experts do not recommend to get involved in pharmacy means to solve this problem.

In most cases, insomnia is directly related to our psycho-emotional state.

Insomnia - a very common problem in today's world. Crazy rhythm of life, constant stress, lack of treatment and poor diet are making adjustments to the quality of our night's rest. Quickly solve this problem will help to "correct" the flavors.

Relax and feel the tranquility and comfort will help scents of mint and lemon balm. They allow you to quickly recover after a hard day's work and experienced stressful situations. They are refreshing, relieves tension and contribute to a deeper and more restful sleep, the doctor told Victoria Savitskaya.

It helps with insomnia and the smell of vanilla. It relieves fatigue and heaviness in the muscles, and the brain relaxes and creates a feeling of comfort.

And, of course, lavender - the smell not only relieves stress and negative thoughts, but also creates a special alpha waves that make you deeply and quickly fall asleep.

Excellent aromatherapy also copes with early signs of respiratory ailments. So, from a strong cough will help the infusion or inhalation using sage. Inhale the smell of this plant is necessary before going to bed 15 minutes eucalyptus vapors helps to relieve swelling and irritation of the respiratory tract and oral cavity.