Beautician: Do not buy cosmetics in jars

When taking care of a woman's face skin make a lot of mistakes, in particular, over the years are the same brand cream is applied before going to bed at night means and buy cosmetics in jars, which always seems more beautiful and more expensive.

It would seem, what marketers call a night cream, if not for the fact that they smeared before bedtime.

"If you use a moisturizer right before you go to bed, in the morning you wake up to run the risk of edema. Use a night cream better in the evening, after the return to work and clean the skin. But no later than 2 hours before bedtime. It is advisable to choose a product with a low-fat structure "- advises cosmetologist Tatyana Fast

Store loyalty for years a favorite cream - at least a common mistake. First, the skin changes with age, and secondly, it is necessary to make allowances for external factors - the weather, for example.

"I need to change Cosmetics skin care products. Cosmetologists believe that the skin gets used to the components of a cosmetic cream with prolonged use and it is no longer simply respond to all the useful components. Furthermore, mankind has not invented a universal cosmetic product, whatever advertisers claimed in bright rollers. For each time, the need to select different cosmetic products - different composition, fat content and structure. After all, during the cold season of the sweat glands of slowing down, and in the hot - on the contrary "- like a beautician.

Cosmetics in jars look very nice on the dressing table, a mirror. They cost more and are positioned as a more expensive package. And because we subconsciously believe that creams it better. However, experts advise to choose the creams in tubes or bottles with dispensers. The fact is that in the "elite" jars we climb fingers (not always sterile clean!), And before it even fully open. Finally the cream is in contact with oxygen and oxidized, that nullifies all their beneficial properties. Not to mention that the bacteria that fall into the parison can cause skin irritation and even inflammation.