10 tips on how to easily return to

Christmas holidays for many have left their mark, bringing with it extra-kilogrammchik other.

Experts have prepared some simple tips that will lead eventually to the actual results and help to regain form.

Protein - is good

It is known that the protein maintains the feeling of satiety for longer. Therefore, if for breakfast and lunch to eat more foods high in protein and low - fat, the dinner will not want to eat the whole elephant.

If you exercise, the cardio

Cardio - that is necessary for those who go to fitness or gym. The main task after the holidays - to reset score. And cardio are best for burning fat as involve the maximum number of muscle groups.

Choose a smaller plate

It only numbers, but we eat 22% less food if we take the plate on a 5 cm longer. Just because in the end it is much faster.

Do not call elevator.

A good alternative for those who do not like long races - a ladder. Going up and down the stairs in just 15 minutes, we spend about 150 kcal. And if you do it every day, then a week already accumulates 1050 kcal.

Time-based alcohol

Besides the fact that alcohol is in itself stimulates the appetite, it also contains calories. A glass of wine - it's 85 calories, a large glass of beer - 150-200 kcal. And the worst in this respect, creamy cocktails. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, drink soft drinks.

Bowling with family.

If the home is not possible to pull out the winter fresh air, go to the bowling alley. 2:00 leisurely game will save all of 500 calories.

Stretch cleaning

Do not hurry with the cleaning after the holidays. Part of the problem for days: clean room today, tomorrow - the kitchen, the day after tomorrow - the bathroom, etc. You heard that only 45 minutes of training produce results. Then the same scheme. You'll spend a lot more calories if you get out for 30 minutes a few days.

Drink water

Everything is very simple. Our body often confuses hunger and thirst. So next time you feel hungry, try first of all to drink water or iced tea. If he does not take place after 10-20 minutes, you can start eating.

Sitting for long periods is harmful

A sedentary lifestyle slows down metabolism - that's a fact. But a quick stroll through the business to another floor or the campaign for tea or coffee at least once per hour will correct the situation. Even better, if you are 2 hours a day will spend standing. Sitting we spend 100 calories per hour, and standing - 140 kcal. Just remind yourself about it often.

Wait 10 minutes

Research shows that the desire to eat something lasts approximately 10 minutes and then disappears. As soon as you want something to chew on, run in mind the 10-minute timer.