The researchers found out why when they are sick constantly sleepy

When a person becomes ill, he lost appetite, a desire to move. The only thing he wants - a dream. And a new study has shed light on the patient's behavior. It turns out, hypersomnia says that the body lets all the energy to fight the infection, writes The Daily Mail.

It's all about the chemical processes occurring in the cells of the nervous system of the patient. Apparently, there is a compound inhibiting the activity of the nervous system, usually maintain a sense of vivacity. Employees of the University of Pennsylvania studied the nervous systems of roundworms to understand how one element can change the response of the whole organism to the disease.

During the disease cell is under stress. And the body starts the sleep mode to effectively recover from stress. For example, worms only one element (alpha-lipoic acid - ALA) promotes the release of chemicals that transmit signals between neurons. ALA helps the body in energy production and acts as a powerful antioxidant.

Mainly excreted compound - FLP-13. It causes drowsiness by suppressing the activity of the nervous system cells. Now the researchers are going to find out if it works in the human body is exactly the same mechanism. By the way, it has previously proved the importance of sleep in terms of infection control at the example of fruit flies.