Why you need to eat more fat?

Numerous opinions, judgments, the debate about the benefits and dangers of fats are known to all. With the same success can be called harmful fats in a number of specific reasons or useful for the aggregate of certain factors. The main thing - prudent to use them for food. Nutritionists also note the unique ability of essential fatty acids improve brain function, enhance memory and attention.

Research experience accumulated enough evidence to suggest that a negative function of fat, to put it mildly, exaggerated.

David Perlmutter in his book "Food and the Brain" compares the power of our ancestors and us: while the food is first consisted of fat by 75%, we switched to carbohydrates and steel, according to Perlmutter, owners of Alzheimer's disease, chronic headache, anxiety and obesity. It would seem that we are in hysterics estranged from fat, but at 50 years old obese intense crawling on the planet, along with full sugar desserts and fruit juices. So fats are worthy of the remission of sins, and to ensure they have at least five good reasons.

The foundation for brain.

Fats can confidently call the construction of our brain material - it consists of about 60% of the fabric. Speaking of "fats" refers not only fatty acids like omega-3 which are the source of salmon, avocado and nuts, but also those saturated animal fats, which people avoid an epidemic, fearing for their weight. Without vitamins A, D, T, and K of the normal operation of human organs and the brain in particular can not walk and talk, and for the transport of these vitamins is fat, not water - these elements simply do not dissolve in it. More examining vitamin D, it must be said that today it rely on having a decisive importance in the recession Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, depression and other neurological diseases. The merit of the omega-3 - to organize thought processes and good mood.

Work light

The fact of our breathing, we are also obliged to animal fats. The surface of the pulmonary alveoli lined with a mixture of a substance called surfactant, the lack of which causes breathing problems. In particular, without medical intervention the lack of it in the lungs of premature infants in danger of death, and his own lack of, as doctors suspected to be the cause of asthma.

immune system.

In his book, "Good Calories, Bad Calories" Dr. Michael and Mary Eads wrote, among other things, the impact on our immune system fat. They note that the lack of saturated fatty acids in white blood cells prevents them to recognize and defeat the alien organisms - viruses, bacteria, fungi.

Healthy skin

The bulk of our skin forms fat. And without the proper amount of skin has problems - dry, scaly and cracked, opening doors for our body infections.

Healthy Heart

Turning his attention to the inhabitants of the Pacific Islands, the researchers noted that fats that are prepared with coconut oil, cover about 60% of their diet. And most importantly, that in the context of such a diet the percentage of heart disease tends to zero. When a sufficient amount of fat in food heart also experiences less stress due to low hazard obesity because fat twice more calories than carbohydrates (nine calories per gram versus four respectively), and consequently we longer remain energized with less food consumption .