13 interesting facts about Phoenicia

Interest in such useful products such as dates, is not quenched. Ekspertvy collected the most interesting facts about these fruits, which are often called "pantry nature." Sure, some of them will surprise you.

About Phoenicia actively talking a few years ago, when the world has captured the wave of a healthy diet. These fruits have become a useful alternative to the purchased sweets, because their taste is really comparable to the taste of candy, but the health benefits much more.

1. Dates - incredibly nutritious product. They contain nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which make it possible for a long time to eat only them and to be in great shape.

2. Due to the high content of glucose dates stimulate brain activity, helping to concentrate and perform tasks much faster.

3. Dried dates are champions among dried fruits in content of polyphenols, which provides the body with antioxidant protection. And at the expense of vitamins C and E are also included in their composition, antioxidant effect is enhanced.

4. In spite of the obvious benefits for the body, dates are contraindicated for people suffering from diabetes, as they have a high glycemic index.

5. Dates may become an excellent alternative to a variety of sweets, but keep in mind that the fruit contains an average of 23 calories, so do not abuse them, especially if you are trying to limit the daily requirement of calories.

6. Dates - one of the most useful dried fruits, strengthens the heart. They are also indicated for people suffering from hypertension. Regular consumption of dates can help control blood pressure and feel better.

7. In the fight against colds and infection dates will simply indispensable helpers. After all, they have the ability to deduce the phlegm and soothe even the most severe cough.

8. Just a few dates will make up 27% of the daily rate of potassium, magnesium 15% and 12% of vitamin B6. Be sure to include them in the diet, if you are exposed to constant stress or feel chronic fatigue.

9. Having suffered a serious illness or surgery, help the body recover faster, regularly eating figs, which are considered an excellent tonic and restorative remedy.

10. People who suffer from kidney disease, should pay special attention to the dates, because they contribute to the removal from the body of excess fluid that causes swelling.

11. Just one date and a glass of milk can provide the minimum requirement of the person in all basic amino acids, so if you decide to eat less meat, here's a great alternative.

12. There is an interesting hypothesis, according to which the dates are not recommended to use for people who live in regions where there are growing date palms. However, no scientific evidence for this fact is not.

13. It is believed that date palm people began to reclaim the first time, growing their own in order to get nutritious and delicious fruit. We can say that it is a plant stood at the origins of civilization.