What you need to know about the health of the liver?

Unhealthy lifestyle can cause a lot of ailments, and liver diseases are one of the first places. Fortunately, the liver - an organ capable of recovery, and in many cases negative changes are reversible. Here's what you need to know to keep healthy.

Are you sure you will feel when you do something wrong? For many diseases this is true, but the liver - is another matter. This is one of the most important internal organs, which are diseases for a long time (sometimes several years) asymptomatic. Liver 500 performs various functions in the body, including those involved in the digestion of food formulation vital proteins and outputs of our body toxins.

Doctors are sounding the alarm: it is believed that one in five adults can be initial problems with the liver. The statistics speak for themselves: in the last 40 years, the number of liver disease worldwide increased by almost 4 times, and even 20-year-olds today are at risk.

Diseases of the liver, doctors often called the silent killer, and time bomb. Sometimes it may take several years before a person feels the first symptoms, but often by the time the damage was too severe. Fortunately, the liver has a truly unique ability to regenerate, and in many cases there is the possibility to recover even with very serious changes. So here's what you should know.

I DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL. MEAN, I do not need to worry about liver health?

Many believe that the main enemy of the liver - alcohol. It is true that if you abuse alcohol, the liver takes the brunt. But in today's world of spirits - is not the only threat. Obesity also increases the risk significantly, and given that almost 25% of adults worldwide are overweight, the situation is quite serious. Among other factors - high cholesterol, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, viral hepatitis.

SO provokes changes in the liver?

As a rule, the problems start when the liver is too congested. Normally, the body contains a minimal amount of fat, or does not contain it at all, but if a person abuses alcohol and gets food too many calories, the fat begins to be deposited in the liver cells. Fat accumulates gradually, causing inflammation in the cells, with no overt symptoms a person does not feel. Over time, the healthy liver cells are replaced by scar tissue, it leads to cirrhosis. And when healthy cells is too little, and they are no longer cope with its functions, the liver fails.

Why people do not feel any symptoms?

In the liver, there is no nerve endings, because this person does not feel pain until the damage is not getting very serious. Formation of scar tissue (fibrosis) gradually violates the blood supply of the liver, due etogoona ceases to function properly. It is a condition called cirrhosis.

Often to the doctor come patients, who for many years living with liver disease without even knowing about it. But seriously diagnosed by accident - during the surveys, which were conducted entirely on another occasion. In the early stages the only symptoms that can feel like a man - is a weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite. But these symptoms can talk about many other violations. How to understand that your liver is something wrong? The most sensible thing you can do - talk to your doctor about the risks and how to reduce them. And undergo regular inspection.

Lately I've been drunk MUCH faster than before. Does this mean that the liver is not working properly?

Not necessarily. Many people notice that with age become more sensitive to the effects of alcohol. The fact that over time in the body decreases the amount of muscle mass, body fat increases, and the fluid becomes lower than in youth.

This means that the concentration of alcohol in blood increases, and you will get drunk from less. The liver also works less effectively and the amount of enzymes which are responsible for the breakdown of alcohol decreases. Moreover, some studies show that during menopause alcohol sensitivity can be increased. At the same time the hangover may become more pronounced.

Dehydration (and this is the main reason for a hangover) are more likely during the menopause, which means that even after a couple of glasses of wine, you can wake up with a headache. Output: each glass of wine Drink a glass of water without gas.

That the liver was healthy, you need quite give up alcohol?

This is not true. Enough to stick to the recommended medical standards. The liver is designed to rid the body of toxins, including alcohol. But if you're used to drink a lot, even a reduction of the dose will give almost immediate effect.

How to understand that I am at risk?

It's simple. calculate how much alcohol you drink, and measure your waist. If you regularly exceed the recommended physicians rate (2-3 servings per day and no more than 12 drinks per week for women, 3-4 servings per day and no more than 21 servings per week for men), the risk of liver disease increases.

Standard portion that mean doctors, speaking about safe amount of alcohol - it is 100 ml of wine or champagne, or 285 ml of beer, or 30 ml of spirits. If the size of your waist more than 88 cm (for men - 102 cm), the risk also increases. Also, pay attention to nutrition. In your diet a lot of fried, fatty, smoked? You may want to reconsider habits. High cholesterol, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes also increases the risk of disease. But to accurately determine whether your liver is healthy and what your risks, can only be a doctor.

How to maintain a healthy liver?

Try to observe the following rules: each week in a row should be 3-4 days when you do not drink alcohol. Well, when you at least once a year, arrange detox - a month without alcohol.

Do not exceed the recommended norm of alcohol!

Try to keep a diary to see how much you actually drink. If you are overweight, try to lose weight. Weight loss even 5-10% significantly reduces the risks.

Include daily routine regular exercise. This will not only help lose weight, but will also normalize blood sugar levels.

If you suspect that you might be infected with viral hepatitis, ask your doctor to refer you to the survey.