Psychologists tell who feels guilty after casual sex

When a woman wakes up in bed unfamiliar men, it is highly likely to experience feelings of guilt. This is confirmed and psychologists from the Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology, which found that 35% of the fair sex are faced with mental anguish and a sense of wrongness own actions after hesitant to casual sex. But only 20% of men feel the same emotions after sex with strange women.

It turned out that men have to deal with the regret of another kind - they irritate the missed opportunities when they refused to have sex with a cute stranger. Such unfortunate experience 60% of men. The authors study suggest that women suffer from feelings of guilt because of evolution.

Theoretically, men can become fathers thousands of children, and that's why casual sex is for them so desirable and preferable. The more children in the distant past left behind men, the higher are the chances of them extend the family, given the level of infant mortality. As for women, they should, they say, "attached" to one partner, as soon as it increases their chances of rearing offspring. That's why casual sex for women is considered a great sin than for men.

Interestingly, in another study conducted by American scientists last December, it was reported that for casual sex women prefer men with a larger penis size. But for long-term relationships they choose the stronger sex, and even with the average small penis.

It is possible that women find men in the first category are more skilled lovers, are often hesitant to commit adultery, because they have an increased demand from potential partners.