It is known how often it is necessary to wash towels

How often have you used to wash your own towels? American scientists have found that because of the amount of bacteria in the tissues of the towels need to be washed after every three uses.

For the vast majority of people towels are an essential tool for daily hygiene. However, according to US experts, the majority of deals towels human health more harm than good. These fabrics are a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus, residues of dead skin particles of fecal, urine and many other substances. All of them feel very quietly in a humid bathroom environment. Most of these bacteria are released into the air from the bathroom toilet, then multiply on towels.

An expert in the field of health, Professor Philip Tierno recommends to wash all towels after three uses that will reliably prevent any infections. And it should be done only if the towels themselves completely dry after each use, as stressed by microbiologist and pathologist at the University School of Medicine in New York.

"The bottom line is that the wet towels are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, - says Professor Tierno. - If the towel comes from some peculiar smell, it is explained by the growth of microbes, and therefore need urgent washing. It is difficult to say what kind of bacteria in the towels are hazardous to health and which are not. Fortunately, most of these microorganisms are not dangerous for people with normally functioning immune systems. However, for those who like to share towels with their loved ones, the danger above. The fact that in this case, face an increased risk is not entirely familiar to the organism microbes like bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, which can lead to acne and even infections. "

A combination of high humidity, high temperature, oxygen and even food residue in the dead skin particles on towels promotes the growth of bacteria. We towels to rub into the skin and make it easier for micro-organisms from entering our bodies. That is why it is so important to wash towels regularly, and try to ventilate the bath as often as possible.