Why is it dangerous to wear too tight clothes: 9 reasons

We choose the narrow and tight clothes to accentuate her figure or, conversely, if we suddenly recovered slightly, the goal - to pull a little and "collect" your body.

But the problem is that wearing too tight clothing can be dangerous to health, and therefore it is desirable to give up this bad habit.


When the clothing emphasizes form

Jeans, enabling us in some way to model your figure and feel sexy, shirt, opening all of our charms or tight skirt that sits so well

All great, if not one "but": too tight clothing - it is dangerous to health.

Especially if it is made of "heavy" tissues, such as the denim. These clothes may adversely affect our circulation and even cause varicose veins.

That is, the elastic tissue is too compressed and prevent our body, so the normal circulation of the blood.

But there are other health problems that can result from too tight clothing:

It does not contribute to venous return of blood to the heart

it is incredibly important to our lower limbs, at least in order to avoid swelling in the ankles.

The lack of venous return of blood to the heart is dangerous to our health also because it makes us feel tired and fatigued. When the pants or jeans too hard squeeze and pulls our legs and abdomen, the blood becomes very difficult to climb back to the heart.

May cause varicose veins

This is a very common problem among women. The hormone progesterone is responsible for the dilation of blood vessels and veins (they expand more than usual).

Too tight clothes hampers and slows down the blood flow, which further exacerbates the situation.

According to research, 31% of the female population suffers from varicose veins (some is exacerbated by the consumption of oral contraceptives, wearing tight clothing, and working conditions, if you have to spend most of the day standing).

It promotes the appearance of cellulite

This is another "female" problem. In fact, of course, we can not say that cellulite only appears due to wear tight clothes, but yes, it contributes to its emergence.

"Orange peel" is also due to poor circulation, and even skinny jeans "help" fat on the hips gather in knots and lumps under the skin.

Do not allow the body to "breathe?

If our lungs and trachea too jammed, the breath itself is difficult.

Movement occurs only in the area of ??the chest, and the gas exchange is carried out, "not until the end," that is very inefficient. As a result of accelerated oxidation organism cells (which in turn leads to premature aging).

And yet, if this argument is not sufficient for you, shallow breathing does not provide properly our brain with oxygen. As a result, we begin to feel anxiety and notice of a concentration impairment.

Thus, tight clothing in no way conducive to relaxation, but quite the contrary.

Causes of back pain

At first glance it may seem implausible, but enough to hold such an experiment, like immediately becomes clear and this "effect" occurs. There are a pain in the neck or lower back.

The fact that wearing too tight clothing that restricts our movements, makes us certain overload the muscles and vertebrae: our body is worth more effort than usual.

"Impaction" clothing thighs are much harder to keep yourself on your body weight and provide him with the correct support. Hands and feet are deprived of their "freedom of action" by the end of the day begin to buzz and hurt, a feeling of heaviness, burning, or tingling.

It slows down the digestive process

When the pants or belt too tightly squeezed us stomach, it does not allow the stomach to expand (during meals), and he must do it, it is produced by the gastric juice for digestion of food.

The result may appear heartburn, indigestion or reflux. Also possible consequences can be a pain in the gut, constipation and bloating.

It promotes the appearance of vaginal fungus

Wearing too tight clothing increases body temperature and "moisture level". In the genital area, this leads to the appearance of fungi and bacteria that cause bad odor or conditions such as candidiasis.

If we talk about men, it is too tight trousers (or underwear) negatively affect the quality and quantity of sperm, and can lead to testicular pain.

It causes skin problems

Our skin also suffers greatly if we do not allow it to "breathe".

And if in addition to the fact that the clothing is tight, it is made of synthetic materials that prevent the normal circulation of air, it may appear redness on the skin, a feeling of itching and burning, and even ingrown hairs on the legs (as the hair just can not grow normally) .

Increases sweating

It is also very frustrating, because inevitably reinforces the unpleasant smell from the body (for example, in the armpits, feet or genitals). A tissue such as nylon or lycra will become an excellent breeding ground for the development of all types of bacteria.