6 best foods for

Include in the diet of these 6 foods that energize you and keep your skin young and healthy.


Most useful leafy vegetables dark green - spinach, sorrel, lettuce Romano. They are rich in carotenoids. These plant compounds provide skin turgor, and in addition, give the delicate shade of tan - without any harm from UV radiation!

Add some spinach to scrambled eggs or mix with mint and pineapple juice - you will get a delicious summer drink and a great product for youthful skin.


They are rich in amino acids that contribute to collagen - that it provides elasticity of the skin. And in any case do not give up from the yolks - they have a lot of vitamin B12 (protects the skin from external influences and smoothes wrinkles), lutein and zeaxanthin (promote hydration).

Cook the omelette 1 egg and 20 ml of milk - a great start to the day!


It does not cause the same spike in blood glucose levels as ordinary sugar. A further comprises minerals selenium and manganese which neutralize the effects of free radicals.

Add 1 h. L. honey oatmeal or spread it on toast corn bread.


In a handful of nuts contains up to 50% of the daily norm of vitamin E, which refers to the strong antioxidant and allows to neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals. And besides, almonds rich in unsaturated fatty acids, due to which the skin retains moisture and wrinkles are smoothed.

Chia seeds

Two teaspoons of the seeds that are produced in Central and South America, contains almost 5000 mg of omega-3. These acids are responsible for creating a natural barrier layer, which does not allow the skin to lose moisture, and are considered to be an excellent means of prevention of melanoma.

Add a pinch of seeds in oatmeal or smoothies.


Another product for young skin that moisturizes the skin from within, leaving it smooth and radiant. Water is essential for youth and skin health, but fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of liquid, is also very useful. Among the leaders - melon, peaches, strawberries and cucumbers.

Cut into cubes, any of the following fruit and vegetables, add the mint leaves and pour the lemon juice.