Natural anti-: food, which will help not to get sick

All around you are coughing and sneezing? Include in the diet of these foods, and you can forget about hospitals and pharmacies! And the list is much broader than just lemons and garlic.

Natural anti-viral: if you have it, you do not get sick!

1. Chicken broth

Hot chicken soup has anti-inflammatory effect, relieves symptoms of the common cold and can even reduce recovery time - a conclusion reached by scientists from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. If you feel that sick, prepare a pot of fragrant soup, cool and freeze in portion containers for a few days in advance.


If you drink enough water, mucous membranes dry up and cease to perform the safety function, which means you run the risk of ill. And for those who have a cold, 2 liters of water a day will help to deduce harmful substances from the body.


Any variety of mushrooms - even ordinary mushrooms or oyster mushrooms - will help to speed up work cells that fight disease-causing viruses and bacteria.

4. Red meat, buckwheat, nuts

Be sure to eat foods rich in iron - the lack of this important element can make you more susceptible to infections.


If flavored green tea seems too bitter, choose varieties with jasmine - they contain as many antioxidants, but have a milder taste. Regular consumption of green tea can reduce the time of illness by 35%.


Be sure to include organic dairy products in the diet. Doctors believe that probiotics are able to overcome the viruses contained therein. A recent survey of Canadian physicians confirmed that the beneficial bacteria reduce the chance to pick up an upper respiratory infection.

7. MED

If you already feel unwell, eat 1-2 teaspoons before bed. In many instances, more effectively reduces honey intensity cough syrups than pharmacy.

8. Products containing zinc

Numerous studies confirm that this element is essential for the fight against colds. Scientists believe that zinc prevents the reproduction of the virus and the introduction into the cells. Eat meat, poultry and seafood (especially shrimp and sea kale), cheese, soy. Vegetables containing zinc: beet, tomato, garlic, ginger, pumpkin seeds. Cereals: wheat germ, wheat bran, sunflower seeds, corn.


Cranberries, blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, cranberry - these berries are not in vain called natural pills. They strengthen the immune system due to the high concentration of anthocyanins - plant antioxidants, which are able to deal with inflammation. At the height of the flu and colds, try to eat at mensh1 /2 cups fresh or frozen berries.

10. Onions and garlic

Of course, without onion and garlic - it is not only delicious condiment for a variety of dishes, but also recognized antiseptics. In the season of colds, they will help you not to get sick, when all around have a cold. And in addition, it will provide your body with vitamins A, C, D, and antioxidants, able to reduce the risk of cancer.

Chives displays the body of excess fluid, rich in potassium, carotene, vitamin C and B vitamins and PP, essential oils and vegetable protein. Eat it in soups, salads, add to stew. Do not forget about the wonderful winter fun: with the child grow green onions in a pot on the windowsill.

Shallot. It has more vitamin C and minerals than ordinary bulb onions, and the taste is softer and gentler. Shallots are considered a natural remedy for the treatment of ocular and gastric diseases. Add it in the fresh dishes of chicken, turkey, soups and sauces, and pickled - in salads.

Red Onion - one of the most powerful antiseptics, which can not only raise the immune system and protect the body from the cold, but also to establish a process of digestion and metabolism. The flesh is sweet red onions and even sweetish. A few minutes pour chopped onion rings balsamic vinegar and add to salad - you will not regret!


Around you a lot of colds? Season with baked potato or vegetable soup hot pepper: capsaicin contained in it helps resist viruses and bacteria.