Egg yolks: Truths and Myths

Egg remarkably balanced way combines nutrients: egg white is rich in simple albumin protein and very low calorie, and in satisfying yolk focus vitamins, minerals, healthy fatty acids and a large amount of cholesterol - a substance with such a bad reputation that many people are trying to protect themselves from health problems, neglect yolk and include in the diet of egg whites only. But how reasonable this approach?

Should I be concerned about cholesterol?

Cholesterol is contained in egg yolks is a useful and necessary for the synthesis of body hormones and cell membranes. This is not the dreadful and terrible cholesterol, leading to atherosclerosis and increase the risk of blood clots. Recent studies of American experts have shown that eating egg yolks in any case does not lead to an unhealthy content of cholesterol in the blood, as do, for example, trans fats, overeating and physical inactivity.

In contrast, egg cholesterol helps replace calcium deficiency in the blood and even reduces the "bad" cholesterol than preventing the formation of plaques in the blood. But this, of course, does not mean that you should eat 5 eggs at one go: it would be akin to eating only one or sweets, for example, some cucumber, and at best no benefit, if not hurt.

Remember that nature loves harmony and moderation in all things, even the egg is arranged so that popular among adherents of healthy food protein is poorly absorbed without the yolk and the protein loses its value.

Vitamin yolk

Zatsiklivayas (as we found out, it is in vain) to a high content of cholesterol in the yolk, many often forget about many useful vitamins, which boasts a "sunny" the core of the eggs. The list is headed by the B vitamins involved in all metabolic processes in the body, and in the first place - B12 which prevents anemia and supports us on our toes.

It is also vitamin A, regenerating tissues, and strengthens the immune system, vitamin D, responsible for our skeletal health and prints from the body heavy metals, anti-aging and antioxidant vitamin E. By the way, the protein is against this background does not look as pale as it sounds: he, in turn, also contains B vitamins and vitamin K. clotting it should probably clarify that all of these useful components of the eggs are best learned with each other and therefore do not separate the white from the yolk, and eat it completely safely.

Minerals and vital elements

We have already mentioned about the amazing properties of yolk to produce good cholesterol and prevent the formation of "bad": it is due to the high content of yolk lecithin, which actively combats the appearance of excess weight and excess displays "wrong" cholesterol.

Linolenic acid content is 16% of all egg yolk, a very necessary thing for the body is unable to independently produce this substance - is an essential unsaturated fatty acids required for normal human activity.

Uluchaet Choline metabolism and normalizes fat metabolism and melatonin regulates the endocrine system and blood pressure. If the yolk is still not convinced you of its benefits, please note that in addition to all this he also contains calcium, phosphorus, and the same as in bananas, a significant amount of potassium.

Not a single protein

If some happy to use the yolks for preparing mayonnaise, cream cakes or succumbing gastronomic impulse for egg liqueur, other people strictly follow their diet and adhere to a rigid protein diet by eating only low-calorie egg component.

Bad news for last: the proteins, which are so rich in egg white (mainly due to its volume) and contained in the yolk, and even in conjunction with beneficial fats, without which the main substance responsible for the construction of a beautiful body, just do not learn. If you lean on proteins separated from the yolks, you can seriously deplete your body and cut it in stores of vitamin A, which is already not always enough.

How much can you eat the yolk?

The optimum amount of cholesterol a day for a healthy person - about 300 milligrams per day. But that does not mean you have to eat exactly 2 eggs each day to observe this norm. Remember that all individually, and different people react differently to both the presence of cholesterol in the diet and its caloric content: keep in mind that the yolks are extremely nutritious and contain a high amount of fat, and therefore need to comply with the measure.

The ideal solution to this problem - to prepare yourself a delicious and healthy dishes from eggs, thereby adjusting the quantity and combining them with the vitamins contained in other products. There are many ways to cook this popular product is tasty and healthy. Experiment and, if you are bored with plain boiled eggs for breakfast, try new recipes, choose the eggs properly and, of course, in any case, do not separate the white from the yolk - a rich source of essential life elements.