7 common myths about food and beverages

Sometimes we just get lost in the flow of information about the foods and beverages that are regularly present in our diet. On the one hand, we try to listen to the views of scientists and physicians, on the other - friends and family believe that "heard somewhere" and "something to read." If you ask any person to give some indisputable, in his opinion, the facts about food, then at least half of them will be myths. So, let's now debunk some of them.

From pasta fattening

It is already difficult to say where did this myth. Perhaps if uncontrolled eating substandard pasta sauce filled with purchased and supplemented with a weighty piece of sausage, and you may experience problems with weight. But if you will prefer pasta from durum wheat, a little Parmesan cheese and sprinkled them sprinkled with olive oil, then no problems will be. Pay close attention to, what you eat them, because, most likely, this is what leads to weight gain.

Skim helpful

Even those who are very strict calorie watching your diet, it's time to forget about the fact that the consumption of low-fat dairy foods good for your health and figure. Vitamins, which we all need, divided into water-soluble and fat-soluble. So here, including their daily menu foods with reduced fat, you deprive the body absorb fat-soluble vitamins opportunities, which include, for example, vitamin D. Without this vitamin decreases the absorption of calcium - a trace element, which for many, eating dairy products.

The water can not be boiled 2 times

It is believed that when re-boiling water changes its structure and begins to acquire carcinogenic properties. Share truth in this, but in order that it can really hurt the human body, the same water should be boiled dozens or even hundreds of times. So do not run across the kitchen, trying to turn off the kettle before he even starts to boil again. And if the belief in this myth is really strong, get yourself an electric kettle with a heating function to a certain temperature.

You can not drink unboiled water

Of course, it all depends on the region where you live, but modern pipes and water treatment systems can not worry about every sip raw water enters your mouth. Especially suspicious can order analysis of water or put additional filters in the kitchen, but in general, the water in the big cities meets all health standards and suitable for drinking.

The wine should be stored in the refrigerator

When it comes to open the bottle, then yes, it is better to close the stopper and clean the refrigerator. But pink or white wine can be kept open no more than three days, red - no more than four. However, the desire to keep in the refrigerator closed bottle has under itself no logical explanation, of course, if you are not going to buy a special wardrobe for wine that supports a temperature of about 12 degrees.

Steaks are prepared from fresh meat

For most people, the concept of "fresh meat" is synonymous with fresh, but we hasten to assure you that this is not so, and the most delicious steaks are obtained only from sustained for several weeks beef. "Aging" meat - it is a complex process in which it becomes very tender, and the correct cooking steak affect its juiciness.

Yoghurt cake is not as harmful

Let's just mention, that under the harmfulness here refers to the negative impact on the figure. Many women deliberately choose yoghurt cakes, believing that they are less fatty and high-calorie. From this point of view, they may be right. But if we talk about the harm to the body as a whole, these cakes are leaders, because in order to yogurt thickens, and it tastes like a traditional cream, uses a large number of chemical additives, which are not the most positive impact on our health.