How to observe proper nutrition

Frost, snow storms and constant grayness hard feel the motivation for strength. If you stick to proper nutrition, it is most likely the risk of falling into the cold season.

Winter - it's the most treacherous time of year for those who are involved in sports and watching your diet. Cold and asked to stay at home under blanket, to miss a scheduled workout or pamper yourself with sweets. Thus, the winter season - a special challenge for the body and check the strength of the regime.

Meanwhile, nutritionists believe that the snow storm, blizzard, frost and other weather conditions are not at all the reason to leave the proper nutrition. Sports nutritionist told Aksinya stroke, how to resist the temptations of seasonal and keep cool figure even in winter.

"The cold - not an excuse to overeat. After all, after some four months, you're going to have to start preparations for the beach season. I am sure that you yourself remember it. So I'm not going to say already known things in the style of "Eat small portions" and "drink more water", and share helpful tips and motivating life hacking, which will help you not get away with proper nutrition, "- said the expert.

1. Proper nutrition - it's about motivation

With the arrival of cold weather so easily go astray for a day or two, treat yourself to a pizza with Parma ham, almond croissant from a bakery cafe under the house or a piece of cake at the bottom of the colleague's birthday.

Blame yourself and grieve, of course, not necessary, but also to get involved - it is dangerous. It may be that the situation gets out of control, and in a head will arise treacherous thought: "The extra kilos under the winter down jackets are not seen." If you are familiar with it, it is better to draw motivation from the outside. Sign in social networks on those who will be for you an example (figure, food, life style) and will motivate to tape every day.

2. Proper nutrition - it's about discipline

Winter - a rather gloomy time of year, it is a fact. You go to work - the dark, you go to work - dark. After work - to the store, and then another, and to cook? I do not want to do, right? The easiest way out, which tells you laziness - is to buy frozen dumplings or make at home a couple of sandwiches with sausage.

Consciously avoid such situations, that is, be ready for them. Sketch Me menu for a few days and make a list of needed products. On weekends, when you are not limited in time, do some shopping for the whole week.

Products purchased? Make a blank! For example, the cut portions chicken or turkey, prepare the stuffing, make patties and submit them in the freezer. During the week, you can quickly cook the prepared dish in a pan, in a double boiler or in the oven. This not only greatly save your time after work, but will also adhere to proper nutrition.

3. Proper nutrition - it's about the love of currently.

Uttering the phrase "I can not live without ", think: but without that you really can not? Without chocolate, french fries and loaves with butter? Or is it no graceful forms, taut body and beautiful skin?

Probably, the answer is obvious. Respect yourself and enjoy the admiring glances.

4. Proper nutrition - it's about creativity

When present in the diet alone buckwheat with boiled chicken, you run the risk of early or late break on the "snacks". And it's not willpower.

Remember the simple rule: Diversity - is the cornerstone of good nutrition. Any dish can be useful to make a feast for the taste buds. For example, in a boring oatmeal, add cinnamon, honey (fragrance that is not put into words), nuts, some fruit or berries. The result is not porridge, and the dessert. And do not forget about aesthetics. Beautiful dishes and serve at least double the pleasure from eating.

5. Proper nutrition - it is about supporting

Generally, once you have decided to adhere to proper nutrition, friends and relatives suddenly there is plenty of reason for a celebratory dinner, and colleagues are struggling to treat a cake or candy. And in most cases they do it unconsciously, without malice.

To avoid such situation and temptations as possible, notifying relatives. Just say, "I need your support." For greater effect, explain exactly how the loved one can help you.

For example, the person who prepares your food, you can make a soul mate, by asking: "I appreciate your concern, but for me it's really important to stick to proper nutrition, please help me in this." If you're dining with colleagues, and enlist their support: "I try to adhere to proper nutrition will not be with me.?". Try it and see how strong can support others.