6 proven ways to make us sneeze

We all know not too pleasant feeling in which we want to sneeze, but we can not do it. in the treatment of colds from Norway Experts have called the 5 proven ways to achieve the desired.

Look at the light source. Perhaps this is the most effective method of induction of sneezing, which does not want to happen. There's a connection between light and ptarmic reflex, since many people start sneezing when moving from darkness into the lighted space.

Exhale spices. Remember how you started to tickle his nose at the smell of spicy food? It is desired and can cause reflex. Suffice some hot spices like chili peppers to breathe, and you will begin to sneeze immediately. However, remember that you must be careful, as the spices do not need to get into your eyes.

Chew gum. The use of chewing gum with mint flavor also helps to cause sneezing. Keep like gum on call and use whenever you feel uncomfortable because of the inability to sneeze. A similar effect can, and peppermint oil.

Plucking eyebrows. Many people start sneezing after they plucked eyebrows. This is due to the nerve endings on the face, which irritated and are activated during this cosmetic procedure. The nerve signals reach the nasal nerve, which causes sneezing.

Eat chocolate. Some people argue that this is the most effective and pleasant method to provoke sneezing. The use of rich cocoa bean chocolate is necessary to us reflex. And the darker it will be a treat, the better.

Drink soda. Highly carbonated soft drinks cause characteristic tickling sensation in the nose. They are enough to make you sneeze.