Fasting from 5 pm to 8 am will allow to lose weight and live longer

The key to successful weight loss is not any specific diet, and refusal of food intake after 5 pm. Fasting for 15 hours also provides cancer prevention and diabetes, as established scientists from the University of Wisconsin in the United States.

Short periods of starvation in middle age provides the best results in the fight against obesity, the study showed. If people do not take food after nightfall, they live longer, are more slender waist, and much less likely to get sick. Scientists have proven that you can slow down aging without extreme diets, but only with diet, implying the rejection of meals after 5pm. Although these results were obtained in experiments on monkeys the study authors believe that all the same applies to people.

After the monkeys were not allowed to take food from 5 pm to 8 am, their life expectancy has increased by 10% compared with primates that fed in the usual way. Note that in human and monkey has 93% overall genome. Apparently, restrictions in food intake increases the body's ability to fight disease, the risk of which rises with age. The body uses the energy from food differently, if the number of calories is reduced.

The results of this research could be the basis for the debates, which are conducted in recent years about the benefits of calorie restriction. Scientists from the US in 2009 godu proved that if the monkey received 20% less food than usual, they survived longer on average, 9 years. In human-on-year it is 26 years. In addition, monkeys are rarely encountered cancer and cardiovascular disease, they did not increase the insulin resistance that causes diabetes. This has led scientists to believe that a reduction in calories slows aging.