Hidden mouth disease leading to tooth loss

Within a few years, you can not be bothered any problems in the oral cavity, but this does not mean that you have healthy teeth. Protect yourself from hidden diseases will help you a thorough oral care, occupational health twice a year, and a mandatory annual inspection.

We all fear tooth decay as a dangerous and insidious diseases of the mouth. But except for the exposed surfaces it may be more weight latent diseases, which may also lead to loss of teeth. Dentists told what to look for and how to protect themselves from the insidious and do not manifest themselves diseases.


It seems as if everything here is obvious: noticed a black dot - forward to the doctor. But what if seemingly no black points no tooth seems to be intact, but the disease has already started its dark matter?

Tooth decay can begin in fissures of teeth - furrows, pits on the chewing surfaces. If the form fissure wide open and looked through the bottom of the well, then there is nothing to fear.

Another thing, when fissures are like a bottleneck, narrowing upwards. The bottom of this fissure is impossible, not only see, but also how to clean, so there is accumulated food debris, plaque. As a result, formed cavities.

A method for preventing fissure caries is fissure sealing, which shall be held not later than six months after the appearance of the teeth from the gums.

It is also difficult to see the contact cavities, which occurs at the juncture of the side surfaces of the teeth, and root caries - the most dangerous kind.

Caries teeth roots often are the result of periodontal disease and is diagnosed when the process is already running. Sometimes caries can even lead to removal of the tooth.
The way to deal with these and other oral diseases hidden one - timely (at least twice a year) visits to the doctor.

Cyst and granuloma tooth.

About brush and tooth granuloma can be long suspected. Within a few years, you can not worry there is no problem in the mouth, but to control the overall picture doctor diagnoses a dark spot near the root of the tooth - this is it.

The presence of granulomas shows that somewhere in the tooth there is a pathological process that stimulates the proliferation of granulomatous tissue, or an increase in the volume of the cyst. These tumors do not pass on their own, they definitely need to be treated. In a qualitative treatment of the tooth it is possible to save.

Cysts can also form around the impacted, but already formed milk and permanent teeth, and even just deep in the gum. No matter how they were formed, they definitely should be removed.


Periodontitis - diseases of the tooth retaining apparatus, not only gums, as is commonly believed. For several years, periodontal disease may not manifest itself in any way, and when there is bleeding, bad breath, exposure of tooth roots and loosening, the treatment can not be as effective as in the early stages of the disease.

In periodontitis are many reasons and assumptions: from genetics and hormonal disorders to incorrectly matched prosthetic and poor oral hygiene.

periodontal disease prevention method is not original: a thorough oral care and professional hygiene twice a year.


This disease is difficult to detect on their own, especially if you live alone. It is manifested by involuntary contraction and gnashing of teeth that most often occurs at night. By the disease in 70% of cases results in increased stress and nervous tension.

If grinding occurs mainly at night, the patient about the presence of bruxism he may not know. A guess about its existence can be indirect evidence.

Among these symptoms - frequent pain in the ears and sinuses, sore in the morning to the head, temporomandibular joints, neck, shoulders and back, frequent dizziness and ringing in the ears, the whole bad dream.

If your life is also present increased nervous stress, bruxism, most likely, as your companion. It can lead to premature abrasion of the teeth, their mobility, inflammation of the gums, hearing loss, the appearance of facial asymmetry.

Depending on the complexity of the disease and its severity, as well as leading to him the reasons, the treatment may be to use a special night cap, the correction of malocclusion and orthodontic appliances admission of drugs, selected by a neurologist.

Enamel pearls.

Sometimes dental tissues begin to form incorrectly, and in the teeth enamel develops hyperplasia - a kind of growths, called enamel pearls or drops. These drops are made up of enamel, but inside they are empty or filled with dentin or connective tissue-like pulp. If they are located inside the tooth, then discover they can only be accidental.

Such nodules occur in the area of ??tooth roots and above. In this case, as a rule, required to remove them: the reduction should be followed reminaliziruyuschey therapy. Otherwise the enamel pearl hinder hygiene, can provoke inflammation of the gums, and if placed on the front teeth - spoil the appearance.

Anonymous oral diseases, about which you can not even guess - weight. Doing their prevention must be in close contact with an experienced and attentive dentist.