Any food threatens the holders of overweight

Diets do not protect victims of overweight and obesity on the second type of diabetes, both warn Swiss researchers. Their observations showed that absolutely any food increases the risk of diabetes in the case of excess weight. All the food in the body of obese people increases the production of insulin, which makes them potentially vulnerable to a very serious illness. At the same time people have slender exactly the same negative effect is not observed. On the contrary, the food strengthens their immune system.

During the meal the body can absorb the nutrients and beneficial components in food. But regardless of how healthy the food, a substantial number of bacteria in any case is ingested therewith. And it means that our body has to solve two problems simultaneously: to distribute glucose uptake by the body and fight with the new bacteria. For the first time in the history of science, the Swiss researchers have found that this multitasking provokes an inflammatory reaction in a person.

Our entire intestine, regardless of how well it is saturated by macrophages - variety of immune cells. They destroy the infected cells in the body, and while receiving food macrophages increase in number in order to remove the body from all extraneous substances and waste products. To fulfill its mission, they produce the required amount of a protein called IL-1beta, which secrete insulin to regulate blood sugar levels.

Macrophages loaded with the immune system and strengthen its slender people, but the same scenario is broken in the body of people with excess weight. With a large number IL-1beta glucose produced much more, and thus ejected and significantly more insulin than the body needs it. As a result, the redundant cells begin to die, and the body is difficult to control blood sugar levels. All this leads to increased risk of diabetes.