The most unexpected complications of seasonal viruses

Most colds and influenza - viral infections, and viruses can weaken the connective tissue in our bodies.


It turns out that there is a direct link between the flu and a sore back, says PhD, vertebrologist doctor, a specialist in spinal surgery Igor Borshchenko: "The majority of colds and influenza - viral infections, and viruses can weaken the connective tissue in our bodies. It is part of the bone, cartilage, ligaments and tendons. Most patients say: I suffered flu, and then began to get sick of spin. In fact, the flu virus, not the spine affects the course itself, but the connective tissue may be affected. "

The second point - the movement that appear in acute colds. We coughs, sneezes, and is uncoordinated muscle spasms. They, in turn, can damage the spine - just from the effort.

And the third is perhaps the most serious moment. Viral infection weakens the immune system. Against this background the activated bacteria that live in the human body, if the sources have a chronic infection in the teeth, kidney and other organs. So, the bacteria can be entered with the blood flow to the spine in the disc, or even in the body itself vertebra. And then there is already a purulent inflammation - or spondylodiscitis spondylitis.

Tip: If after suffering a cold or flu, you feel a problem in the back, without losing any time, contact your doctor. First - an appointment with the therapist, and it will determine to whom to send you further - orthopedics, neurology, etc.

"Viral" Neurosis

Viral infections, whether cold or flu, it is very insidious. They prudently behave in the body, and settle where they want. One of the consequences of such a "squatting" - inflammation of the peripheral nervous system.

"Hence the weakness (although you have already recovered like), apathy or irritability, poor sleep, causeless anxiety and even panic attacks. If you are recovering from a cold began to notice some had never happened to you in the manifestation of "nervous system", it makes sense to address to the neurologist and immunologist "- advises the doctor-immunologist Elena Milovidova.

Beware neuritis

One of the most unpleasant consequences of colds and sore throats - neuritis of the facial or trigeminal nerve, neurologist warns Anna Gorenkova. Sometimes they can honk itself by severe pain on one side of the face. But often take place in the form of a silent man feels only a slight tingling sensation in the skin, the outer corner of the eye and lip area with one side of his face lowered, a person begins to seem unbalanced. No self - need urgent blood test and PCR test for determination of the pathogen, which shows that it was the cause of neuritis - a virus, bacteria or fungus. And only then it will be possible to assign the correct treatment regimen.


Normally, we lose up to 200 hairs a day. But if after a cold, they fell just beams, they lost luster and began to seem thin and lifeless, so your body is in the process of the battle with the infection lost a lot of vitamins and minerals.

"Allegedly" antiviral "drugs and all kinds of" adjuvants ", which in the season littered the shelves of pharmacies, to help with the flu weakly, but regularly violate the absorption from the intestines of nutrients, - says dermatologist Hope Chervinskaya. - This leads to what may even diffuse alopecia, the particle beam has a strong hair loss. But it is fixable. In the post-catarrhal period, the hair is very in need of nourishing diet (good "animating" the mask with retinol, aloe, seaweed extract), vitamin E (every day, eat two tablespoons of olive oil or linseed oil), C (a day - two oranges or half a lemon) and selenium (the best sources - brewer's yeast, garlic, Brazil nuts). "


As a cardiologist told Tamara Ogieva, often influenza and acute respiratory viral infections are the cause of disorders of vascular tone. At high temperature load on the circulatory system is enhanced significantly. Cough medicines (such Coldrex, Theraflu and other means) to increase the sensitivity of the heart to adrenaline. A much-loved by the people vasoconstrictor drops cause vascular spasm, and if they get hooked, then hypertension. One of the most dangerous complications of influenza - myocarditis, ie, inflammation of the heart muscle.

So after the disease is not superfluous to "clean up" and the blood vessels. A glass of pomegranate juice (or half of a large fresh pomegranate) per day - a proven way to put in order after the cold-blood infections. It contains enzymes that stimulate the production of red blood cells - red blood cells. A grenade binders help remove phlegm from the bronchial tubes. But with increased acidity of gastric pomegranate juice in its pure form is contraindicated - it is better to dilute it with carrot.

Phytotherapeutist Elena Korsun recommends 2-3 weeks after a cold to use herbs to help cope with the effects of hypoxia (ie, oxygen starvation). This linden flowers, clover and clover grass. They can be brewed as a tea: a teaspoon of each herb per cup of boiling water and drink 1-2 times a day. Can strained broth to wash your nose - it will help to restore the mucous membranes, after the common cold.

Also to clean vessels after the cold will help warm sweet spices - cardamom, cloves, cinnamon. They can be added to the collection of herbs or tea.

Colds - obesity each

"Over the past 20 years that have a lot of evidence that certain viruses may contribute to weight gain, - said the molecular biologist Garik Mkrtchyan. - Such viruses trigger processes in the body, leading to increased growth of fatty tissue cells - adipocytes. Because of this, obesity develops in humans. "

Among "pests", it appears to relate primarily common adenoviruses. They "give" us the main symptoms of a cold: runny nose, sore throat, cough, can cause inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes (conjunctivitis). Adenoviruses are transmitted by airborne droplets, through saliva and unwashed hands.

"Of course, it can not be infected with obesity, but it is possible to pick up an adenovirus, which promotes obesity," - says the expert. This often our immune system copes with adenoviruses without any problems - we're pretty easy to transfer the cold and recover. But if the immune system is weakened, the infection can linger in the body for a long time and not only lead to a long-familiar complications (otitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, etc.), but also to stimulate weight gain.

This is another significant reason not to run cold, do not carry them on their feet and more strictly observe hygiene, including washing hands elementary, doctors emphasize.

By the way, is known for treacherous thing: if a person is already overweight, excess fat tissue itself provokes inflammation in the body, undermining the immune system. This creates favorable conditions for the "settlement" of the adenovirus, which further accelerates weight gain. Therefore, dropping extra weight, you will not only support the immune system, but also reduce the risk of getting fat even more.

By the way, the researchers hope that a thorough study of the "manipulation" of the adenovirus in the body will help to develop a special vaccine that will protect against obesity caused by a cold.

The virus is transmitted by sex

Oh, it would seem that we just do not know about the flu. So did you go, a new discovery! American infectious disease found that the risk of catching the flu and acute respiratory viral infections from the representatives of their sex up to three times as much. Roughly speaking - boys are more likely to become infected from the boys, the girls from the girls.

Scientists have conducted a study on children: watching flu elementary school in Pennsylvania. In the experiment, was attended by about 370 children. The first thing you notice Aesculapius, infecting between classmates also occurs up to five times faster than between children from different classes.

And then became apparent another relationship: the chances of getting the flu greatly increases when the contacts of children with members of their own sex, as opposed to the opposite. Boys are three times more frequently infected by boys, girls - from the girls. And the older the children were, the more traced the infection of SARS and influenza gender.

Experts believe that, perhaps, about hormones and the endocrine glands of men and women. The result is that in our organisms, viruses behave slightly differently and are more willing to "jump" to the members of one sex.

But this topic requires further study. If this assumption proves to be true, maybe in the near future will create vaccines "for boys" and vaccinations "for girls"?

And the scientists observed that the primary "drive" of cold viruses - your skin. Because the risk of contracting SARS and the flu by shaking hands several times higher than the kiss.