Scientists have proposed a simple method to improve

Excellent prevention of this unpleasant phenomenon as cognitive decline are houseplants. Experiment scientists showed that people working near plants, better brain functions.

1000 specialists took part in the experiments clinicians. In the experimental conditions, all participants performed the same test items, allowing scientists to determine the extent of their brain activity and cognitive abilities.

Volunteers worked in several stages, each of which they had to perform a certain task, requiring people to use intelligence, memory and ability to concentrate. The participants were located in the office with plants, in a room without them.

As a result, it was found that working in an office without plants participants coped with the tests by 39% worse. Commenting on this difference, the researchers noted: intellectual performance is increased when you are closer to plants in humans.

"This happens because the brain senses pieces of greenery around us, like a walk in the park. Due to this reduced level of stress in the body, which leads to improvement of cognitive functions "- they assume.