A glass of wine before going to bed can replace a diet?

Scientists from the United States summed up the 13-year study and recognized that wine can help women lose weight. According to them, wine lovers are always slimmer trezvennits.

Obesity for some time now has been a worldwide problem, but, as it turned out, fight with him not so difficult. In particular, regular consumption of wine has successfully defended a female figure from fat stores - this could make clinicians from Harvard University.

Over 13 years of research, doctors analyzed the indicators related to the health of 20 thousand women. In particular, scientists interested in the changes in parameters such as weight, alcohol consumption and physical activity. The data showed that physically active women who loved to drink a glass of wine in the evening - to gain weight much less than not drinking at all.

Specific components of the wine - resveratrol - acts as a good fat burner, the authors believe the work. The same view is shared by scientists from the University of Washington, who experimented with resveratrol in female mice.

"The test group of rodents, we were given an extract of the active ingredient of red wine, and mouse to use this connection, often lose weight or save it in the same state", - told the biologists on the results obtained.