It offers a simple remedy for depression

Depression psychological state covers the winter many people. The doctors strongly advised to make their own efforts to support the mind and not become discouraged.

Scientists from the United States believes that there are simple ways for prevention of psychological problems in winter. Experts said, in particular, that in the season of cold weather and lack of sunlight is necessary more often engage in what like and enjoy it.

To save the psyche doctors offered activities that relax the nervous system and promote the development of "happiness hormone" (serotonin, endorphin).

"Good treats depression in the cold eating favorite food in good company" - they are concretized.

Another simple method of getting rid of a bad mood in the winter are frequent walks. In addition, as time is winter, according to biologists, "this is the case when a good idea to go to the solarium." This procedure allows you to compensate for the acute shortage of ultraviolet radiation.

Recall that the characteristic of the winter blues - a phenomenon well-known physicians and are not harmless as it may seem. The term "winter depression" doctors refer to seasonal affective disorder characterized by emotional disturbances and cognitive decline. Its occurrence is directly linked to the decrease of daylight during the winter. Winter depression can lead to complications in the form of a suicidal mood, social exclusion, the development of harmful addictions.

Scientists have reported that more than 10 million people are immersed in the winter depression, experiencing apathy and reluctance to leave their homes in the United States.