Love to yourself - step to the health!

I love to yourself - a natural feeling, allowing a person to be healthy and keep your body in good shape. Without self-love a person can not achieve happiness: if he disgusted with himself, how he may please others? Without self-love is difficult to reach the heights of the profession: if a person does not love himself, he does not like everything he does. Without self-love a person can not be beautiful and attractive - will always be a concern written on his face. Without self-love is not possible to reach the top of the spirit - prevent doubts. Without self-love can not build a house and raise children - all this will be with flaws.

It is sometimes argued that self-love - it's bad and embarrassing. Talking so - deeply unhappy people, whose lives are often not successful, and they are trying to make others miserable, writes the author of the well-known system of healing Nishi Katsudzo in the book "10 Steps to Success".

Fortunately, in the world more and more people who love you. Love of self in any case can not be called selfishness. If a person loves himself, he cares about his health, the air he breathes, the purity of the water you drink. Loving yourself person cares about the nature surrounding it, because the damage caused by nature and would damage his health.

Nice and helpful to be surrounded by beautiful trees, green grass, colorful flowers, looking at the crystal-clear water of the stream than in the concrete jungle with stunted grass, muddy-yellow liquid with a gasoline rainbow in the river's surface. Therefore, a person who loves himself will not allow himself to wash the car on the side of the river, throw trash out the window or trodden path in the middle of the lawn.

By the way, maybe not everyone knows that walking on the lawns in the city is very harmful for health. It is well known that a person connected with the outside world a variety of invisible threads, it is proved the latest research. The grass on the lawns in the city is growing at the limit of its possibilities, contaminated soil and air, lack of proper nutrition (lawns are cut and the grass was removed, fertilizers do not make up for the loss), irrigation with water containing a lot of harmful impurities (even when there is rain, the water has time to grab with houses, roofs and other objects ink particles, plastics and other materials, and water - the best solvent, but slow) do their thing.

Those who often goes on lawns, may feel fatigue, increased irritability, they lowered the body's defenses, they often get cold, because the grass seeds of our forces. So it is better not to cut the path, passing on the lawns.

Nature grass the other, there is enough power to her. She is full of energy and joy it gives. There is nothing better than to walk in the early morning dew, to meet the sunrise and recharge your batteries for the day.

A person who does not love himself, often irritated, is in a bad mood. Gradually he loses health, suffering from his nervous and circulatory systems, there is insomnia. Numerous studies show that if dissatisfaction persists for a long time, this may lead to cancer.

If a person does not love himself, he will not care about a comfortable place to sleep will sleep on than is necessary, resulting in the spine is deformed and is close to the development of diseases associated with the curvature of the spine.

He will eat any food, because he does not love himself. Therefore, there is a risk of gastro-intestinal disease that causes even a lot of negative emotions and anxiety, not to mention the fact that you have to expend energy, money and time on treatment.

The man who loves himself, always looks good, friendly, smiling often and is in a pleasant frame of mind. How to learn to love yourself? It's very simple: wake up in the morning, not getting out of bed, smile yourself, wish yourself a good morning and a good day. After all, you are at one closest people, live with them in peace and harmony, and you will see how much better will your business, improve your health.

Self-hypnosis exercises health.

Call it self-suggestion or whatever you like, but if the praise:

? his eyes: "My eyes are well and clearly see all around: and the rocks and trees, and the veins on the wing of a dragonfly!" - Her eyes are beginning to see better;
? their ears: "My ears hear everything perfectly: the roar of the sea and the whisper of herbs!" - Improves hearing;
? his teeth: "What are the strong and beautiful in my teeth" - and at the same time 36 to compress and decompress them, the improved condition of the teeth, the gums will be healthier, stronger, and general health;
? their hair: "What are thick and shiny my hair, they are beautiful!" - And comb them 12 times a day, your hair will gradually become more dense and beautiful at the same time improve lung function;
? their lungs: "How easily and freely I breathe, how to work well my lungs!" - Improves the function of the lungs, the blood is saturated with oxygen;
? your heart: "How rhythmically working my heart, how good it feels! Thank you, my heart, my health "- improves the function of the heart and cardiovascular system!;
? your skin: "My skin is soft and pretty as a peach! It protects me "- improves the skin condition;
? your kidneys: "My kidneys are healthy and full of vitality, they keep my strength!" - Improving the work of the kidneys.

Love your body, and he will not let you down. Sometimes you want to eat something unusual, something that you do not include in your diet, any product that is too expensive for you. Many dismiss this desire, but it is in vain. After all, a person should be included in food favorite dishes, they should occupy about 10% of the total amount of food. The body is not damaged monotonous food, very good feeling, what elements it lacks, and tells us about it using different signals.

It is better to eat a cake or a piece of expensive fish to add the missing material, than to treat dysfunctional body. Listen to the wishes of the body, do not try to do anything by force. The efficiency of the body changes every day. In one day we can do a lot of physical work without harm to himself, and the next day the same amount of work can cause palpitations or injury.

Try to alternate work with rest, every day giving the body an optimal physical and mental strain. It is very important for maintaining health and achieving prosperity to learn how to relax and rest. It has long been known that people who have some hobby or favorite activity, rarely get sick and live longer.

Communicating with nature not only strengthens the nervous system, but also the whole organism. Looking after the garden, we provide all possible load your muscles, and the green color of plants favorable effect on vision, bright colors enhance the mood and raise the tone. Many flowers emit "air vitamins" - volatile, which beneficial effect on our respiratory system, killing disease-causing microbes.

The man who loves himself, which always has something to pamper yourself, but it is very useful to relieve stress, often occurring in our lives.

Go to a theater or a restaurant, to go to relax, buy your favorite picture or a book, good clothes, quality furniture, buy gifts to friends, wife, children This and much more variety to our lives, making it more interesting.

Love yourself - it means to take care of your health. But it is not only self-love should motivate a person attentive to your body. Everyone should understand that the disease is not only weaken the spiritual side of the personality, but also interfere with a person to move along the road to success and prosperity. The more attention has to be given to maintaining a good working of the organism, the less time is left for the achievement of other goals. The sick person who has attained material prosperity at the cost of lost health can not be considered a prosperous, happy and peaceful. Probably, such a person, and it can be considered intelligent, but the foresight and vision he would have to refuse.

If material wealth does not bring into your life harmony of body and soul, it is useless and even harmful. If someone will try to convince you that to achieve rapid material well-being will have to sacrifice health in his youth, to be able to provide a feeble old age, do not believe such a person, for youth and just given to people to get the best out of life. Infirm old age can dispense spiritual food. The young person needs to enjoy the fullness of life, including the physical manifestations of it. It is a delight and can motivate a person to achieve the best results.

Good health is necessary in order to fully enjoy the benefits that can bring material prosperity. It is impossible to determine the amount that can restore lost health. As it is impossible to build a solid house without a solid foundation, so it is impossible to achieve and prosperity without good health.

But the right and the converse. It is impossible to maintain good health, if a person every day feels unhappy. Especially offensive should be for a person to realize that health is spent because of their own negligence, closed for happiness and fullness of life. Such a person - full bust. Not only did he lose the beautiful days and countless happy hours, but spending on health achievement if not bringing the joy of goals. His life is meaningless. The man who loves himself, calm, polite, respect the opinions of others, tolerant of others' shortcomings, it is better adapted to the changes in life, characterized by good health and long lives.

Those who do not like themselves, often irritated by trifles, painfully react to the prosperity of others. They often suffer from insomnia, gastrointestinal diseases, diseases of the genitourinary system, they quickly grow old.

Constant stress and tension can lead to disturbances in the cardiovascular system. People who do not love yourself, believe in the fact that they do not believe they are not worthy of a good job with high pay. They unconsciously choose a job that they do not like and for which little pay, and then spare yourself, complain about their hard lot.

These thoughts spoil health. They give up a good tasty meal - come and dry crust - like punishing yourself cultivating a complex of inferiority. They are reluctant to accept foreign assistance because they are afraid to remain obligated or indebted to others, their torments the idea that they do not deserve a good relationship. This thought directs their actions, and they unknowingly make every effort to confirm it.

They believe that to afford to live well can not (still it's all taken away), that everything in life is produced through hard work and every detail must be earned. Behind this is the conviction that you alone do not deserve to be rich.

"Always remember that you deserve the best, strive for good, love yourself! Do not give a sense of inner guilt settle in you and push to punish themselves for self-humiliation and deprivation of any goods. If you made a mistake, did poorly or incorrectly, try to fix it, if it is impossible - remove the lesson and live on, trying not to make mistakes. This is not a call to impunity, our life is arranged in such a way that we always pay, and for good and for bad. We make a life by their actions and choose their own path. Do not wait until this path will lead you to a dead end, be able to brake in time and find the strength to go the other way "- says Nishi Katsudzo.