Coffee prolongs life

Familiar to all the coffee was a drink of longevity: the recent experiment demonstrated the link between its use and a higher life expectancy.

Still can prolong the life of a food product, like chocolate - but its effect is not as significant.

The fact that the love of coffee can make a person long-lived, said lead researchers at Stanford University, USA. The conducted experiments there allowed scientists to come up with the hypothesis that the effect of longevity is ensured by the positive action of caffeine on blood vessels and arteries tissue.

According to US clinicians contained in the famous drink caffeine is able to inhibit the activity of most harmful to the circulatory system of the chemical elements - thereby reducing the risk of inflammation in it.

"When inflammation of the blood vessels are converted and become stiff. This further promotes the formation of blood clots. People who consume coffee in large quantities, this risk has been minimal ", - told the doctors about the results of observations.

In addition to caffeine, the beneficial effect on blood vessels, according to experts, it is different, "a close relative" - ??theobromine. This biologically active ingredient contained in the cocoa and chocolate.

At the same time, the researchers noted that the effect of theobromine on the body is less significant compared with caffeine, although the experiments in this area have not yet completed the final.

Note that earlier representatives of science were expressed that coffee increases the protection of the body from cancer and dementia.