Recovery after the holidays: the three most frequent violations

If you ask: which body receives the brunt during long holidays? - That the vast majority did not hesitate to answer: of course, the liver! Her "terrorized" and alcohol, and fatty meats, and salads with mayonnaise. However, in our body, there are other "victims" of the long New Year holidays. Moreover, the older we get, the more sensitive of our organs and tissues to adverse effects. Plus added the chronic diseases. This means that for the consequences of the celebrations for people of mature age and their families need to devote special attention. Listen to a sense, to pass the necessary tests and, of course, consult with your doctor.

1. roaring party - cholesterol expanse

- On the dangers of elevated "bad" cholesterol - total cholesterol and so-called low-density lipoprotein (LDL) - written and said a lot, but, alas, for this indicator, often continue to be taken lightly - said doctor of clinical laboratory diagnostics Olga Malinovskaya. - Perhaps it is because the increase in blood cholesterol does not appear in the visible symptoms. However, the consequences of this are very serious and dangerous. In the first place, "going wild" total cholesterol level is fraught with an increased risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system up to coronary heart disease and stroke. And against the background of hypertension (ie high blood pressure), which affects almost every second person coming of age in this country, and cholesterol increase can be critical at all.

For increased cholesterol level is largely responsible of hormonal balance that develop with age. However, the power still plays a significant role, experts underline. "To increase the level of cholesterol leads foods rich in animal and saturated, ie saturated fats (margarine is, a variety of confectionery fats, low-quality palm oil), as well as alcohol abuse, smoking and physical inactivity," - says Olga Malinovskaya. The best medicine - lifestyle changes and nutrition. At the same time it is prolonged New Year holidays often provoke disruptions, diet violations, and as a consequence - a jump cholesterol.

Be aware

- In a normal total cholesterol index should be less than 5.2 mg /dL, low-density lipoproteins (LDL) should not exceed 3.3 mmol /l - emphasizes Malinovskaja doctor. - The most reliable and complete analysis - an assessment of the lipid profile in the complex. It includes the total cholesterol test, HDL, triglycerides and low density. Such a study is recommended to go to the men and women older than 45 years after the holidays, and after some time, if the identified irregularities to make sure that the risk is reduced.

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If the increase in cholesterol levels detected for the first time, it is usually given a restrictive diet for up to 3 - 4 months. Reduced animal fat from meat, butter, eggs. But in the oily fish is recommended to lean: it contains omega-3 fatty acids have a positive effect. Also helping regular fiznagruzki, the safest - daily brisk walking for 30 - 4 minutes.

If diet and lifestyle changes do not lead to the normalization of cholesterol levels, your doctor may prescribe special preparations.


In winter, many are gaining extra weight, as traditionally festive menu is replete with sweets, pastries and other "fast" carbohydrates. That is, such substances are absorbed rapidly in the body and lead to an abrupt release of a large number of blood glucose.

- Overweight and Type II diabetes are linked - warns Olga Malinovskaya. - So the people inclined to corpulence, quite often can be found elevated levels of blood glucose. This contributes to the very habit-to-eat "fast" carbohydrates - potatoes, flour products (pasta, cakes, pastries), sweets and sugar. intermediate violation of carbohydrate metabolism may occur in sedentary lifestyle, which is called "pre-diabetes".

Be aware

The normal blood sugar level from a vein on an empty stomach should be less than 6.1 mmol /l, - says our expert. And even after the food component in a healthy person usually less than 11.1 mmol /l. Men and women these figures are the same.

People older than 40 years is recommended at least once a year to check the level of sugar in the laboratory. Devices for home measuring blood sugar are less accurate and may miss a small increase. If the fasting glucose level higher than normal, but it is less than 7.0 mmol /L, it is a symptom of pre-diabetes, and then we need to fight for their health.

Keep in mind that pre-diabetes does not always lead to the development of type 2 diabetes. Within 3 - 5 years at 25% of the people in a state of pre-diabetes develop the classical picture of diabetes, 25% of its carbohydrate metabolism normalizes and a half and is still in a state of pre-diabetes for a few years and then join the ranks of diabetics.


- If after the holidays you notice constant dryness and itching of the skin, thirst, and dry mouth, frequent urination, and unexplained fatigue, should enroll to the doctor and get tested, as these symptoms may indicate an elevated level of blood sugar, - says Olga Malinovskaya.


Yes, you are right: the liver during the holiday season usually takes the brunt, confirms our medical consultant. And, although this body hardy and industrious, unrestrained feast given her a hard time, in spite of the high capacity of the liver to recover. Alas, the worst effect on the liver, the most delicious - salty, fatty, spicy and smoked. As well as the dangers of alcohol, coffee and sodas, and even on sweeteners. So well-known sweet soda labeled "light" - not saved.

Be aware

Abnormal liver function may manifest weight or pain in his right side, nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite.


To check the status of the liver, blood analysis shows the level of so-called "liver" enzymes. The main ones are:

- Alanine aminotransferase (ALT),

- Aspartate aminotransferase (AST),

- Gamma-glutamyl transferase (GGT),

- Bilirubin.

In case of increase of these indicators it is necessary to consult a doctor-gastroenterologist.


- The main thing that I advise you to do after the holidays - diet, diet and diet again! - Recommends that a physician Olga Malinovskaya. - This is a simple, but effective cure for many diseases, or at least temporary disturbances in the body, which are acquired for the New Year table. So now is the time to think about their health, the more that there is still so many holidays.