What happens to your body when giving up sodas

Drinking sweet drinks - a form of addiction, such as tobacco, alcohol or drugs. If they use a person experiences a pleasant feeling, but the long-term consequences for the organism - destructive. As soda is associated with headache, dulling the taste buds, overweight and other health problems? Tells why you should always refuse Diet Coke.

Surely you've heard many times about the dangers of carbonated sugary drinks, but even then yielded to temptation and could not resist the Diet Coke - less calories and, at first glance, a useful option. Unfortunately, things are not so simple.

Scientists have long assumed that frequent consumption of diet soda containing artificial sweeteners leads to obesity, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and causes serious damage to the body, impairing our health and undermine health.

Once abandoning Diet Coke, you will immediately notice how your body will begin to rapidly improve: we decided to tell you about the most impressive changes that happen to your body.

Restoring taste buds.

Diet soda is very sweet, thanks to the sweetener contained therein: for example, a food additive Aspartame is 200 times sweeter than white sugar. Of course, our taste buds are dulled with time on this incredible sweetness and cease to feel and recognize different tastes. Once you give up the diet drinks, you will feel again what really sweet apples, for example, will be able to distinguish between a lot of flavors of different cheeses.

Minus a few extra centimeters in waist

Paradox: diet drinks did not help to lose weight, but on the contrary, in the long run lead to weight gain, and even in companies with diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. In addition, soda causes increased secretion of gastric juice, which, in turn, causes us to overeat.

Bones and teeth become stronger

Rejecting the diet drinks, you will improve the state of their bones and reduce the risk of fractures: the thing is that daily consumption of soda making our bones porous and brittle, destroying them and washing away the body of calcium, so necessary for healthy bones. Tooth enamel also becomes whiter and stronger after you stop drinking soda dissolves it.

Improving kidney.

Diet soda literally hit in the kidneys, reducing their efficiency. Once the body will no longer need to deal with hundreds of unpronounceable ingredients that make up the Diet Coke, your kidneys will be able to return to their main functions: the elimination of toxins, blood pressure regulation and maintenance of acid-base balance.

Termination migraines

If you are still tormented by headaches, which you could not find an explanation, try to give up Diet Coke: the fact that contained therein sweetener aspartame triggers headaches, strengthens the feelings of worry and anxiety, and may eventually even lead to severe insomnia.