It named a plant that protect against dementia

If you do not want to be faced with senile dementia, include in your daily diet salad with chicory. in the field of healthy nutrition experts found that this component helps to stop the accumulation of toxic protein plaques in the brain.

Regular consumption of salad with chicory can become a reliable prevention of senile dementia. This component in vegetables reduces the degree of memory loss - one of the earliest symptoms of an incurable disease, as established researchers from A & F University. Cichoric acid helps prevent the formation of toxic amyloid-beta plaques, namely, they are the main cause of dementia. Experts believe that this substance, which can also be found in lettuce and chamomile, can be used in the future as part of a preventive medication.

Chinese scientists have found that chicory acid blocks the main signaling pathway in the brain that contributes to the formation of protein plaques. These abnormal protein accumulations are toxic to the body and cause memory loss.

To test the effectiveness of acid cichoric scientists used three groups of mice. The first group was fed the rodents with lipopolysaccharide (LPS), a second received food not only LPS, and chicory. The third group was a control. It was found that in the first group had significantly greater memory loss than mice treated with chicory.