4 ways to avoid bad breath after

Sharing drinking coffee, whether at work or on a date, bring people together, but the bad breath that appears after it is able to spoil everything. If you love coffee, but you can not drink it out because of the negative effects, - does not matter. Experts told how to get rid of bad breath after coffee in four different ways.

Top 4 Ways to avoid bad breath after coffee.

1. Do not be nervous. Brazilian scientists conducted an experiment in which they placed the test group from one office to stressful situations, and the second group was in a relaxed state. As a result, scientists have found that in the breath of those who are exposed to stress more malodorous sulfur compounds than their carefree counterparts. At the same time, both groups did not drink coffee, but saliva remained at the same level. This led scientists to believe that stress triggers bad breath itself.

2. Do you like coffee with sugar - dispose of it immediately: so you save yourself a lot of problems with the figure and health, including caries. Dental caries and other diseases of the teeth and gums are a major cause of bad breath. If your sweetie craving for too long - drink more green tea. Research scientists, published in the journal Journal of Oral Biology, shows that green tea promotes the release of large amounts of saliva, which destroys the sugar produced malodorous compounds.

3. No milk coffee. Israeli researchers mixed human saliva with coffee and found that the drink itself does not cause bad breath, but on the contrary - prevents the growth of bacteria. However, coffee has the ability to cause dehydration, that is a lack of saliva in the mouth. When the milk or cream in dry enter the oral cavity, it becomes a medium for the beneficial fermentation malodorous substances. So, giving up dairy supplements, you will solve the problem once and for all.

4. Eat breakfast fermented milk products. Japanese researchers fed a group of test yogurt for 6 weeks and have checked the contents of their mouths at the micro level. It turned out that the number of bacteria remained the same, but a by-product of their life - hydrogen sulfide, which is the main component of the odor - halved. It seems that "useful" bacteria yogurt replaced malodorous microbes that have been in the mouth. Not a fan of yogurt - eat supplements, probiotics, which have the same effect.