10 ways to solve the problem of hair loss

In the hair loss can be a variety of reasons - from a lack of micronutrients to genetic predisposition or a sufficiently serious diseases. And to solve the problem, it is important not to remove the consequence and the cause.

1. To get started is to figure out whether the hair loss disease. On the day we lose up to a hundred hair, and this is considered normal. Conduct a simple test: note whether there is at the end of fallen hair bag (bulb)? Bulbs not? This means that hair loss - in the normal range, and it is possible not to worry.

2. The bulb is? Spend another test. Do not wash your hair for two to three days, and then pull the hair at the crown and at the temples. In the hands of more than five hair left? You urgently need a doctor-trichologist.

3. Look at the family album. If the yellowed pictures you look bald ancestors, most likely, you have androgenetic alopecia. This is not a disease but an annoying feature, which can hold up development, reduce symptoms, but it can not be completely avoided. In this case too it is necessary to appeal to trichologist.

4. Ask your loved ones to watch in the dream you. Quite a rare kind of neurosis that manifests pulling hair in a dream.

5. If possible, take a break a couple of weeks. Get enough sleep, eat right, do not be nervous. Then observe the condition of hair. If they began to fall less, to deal with the problem, you need to change your lifestyle.

6. Avoid tight hats - "hotbeds", but do not flaunt hatless at 20 ? C cold. And then, and another violates the blood supply to the hair lukovits.fen bad hair

7. Less likely to use hair dryers, metal and plastic combs with frequent teeth, prefer wooden Comb and brush massage. Avoid combing wet hair, let it dry.

8. Pass the tests. It is worth to consult an endocrinologist and to hand over analyzes on hormones, sugar, pass rheoencephalography and other tests. Additionally, you can contact the experts, explore the content of chemical elements in the hair. On the basis of the survey you will be able to choose the drugs to strengthen the hair.

9. Consult with a nutritionist. In order to normalize the power supply is best to conduct a computer analysis of the body's nutritional needs and the actual availability of them.

10. In some cases, hair loss can be a symptom of serious diseases (including diabetes mellitus, anemia, hormonal imbalance in women, exhaustion of the nervous system). See your doctor to rule out the disease.