Experts told when and how to drink water Epiphany

Epiphany water gaining the future and drink throughout the year, until the next holiday - it is considered a healing and relieves many ailments.

It is believed that it is best to drink water in the morning on an empty stomach Epiphany - before you have time to eat breakfast and drink coffee. But read the prayer before it, - is necessary. You can pray in your own words, simply asking the Almighty for health - both bodily and spiritual, advises narodoved Valentin Nikolin.

"You can not do it in a bad mood or with evil thoughts. Useful as this water to wash in the morning - is that it not only heals, but also young. Drinking water can Epiphany and "overtime" - as soon as something hurts or you feel anger or despondency. Just take a couple of sips and do not forget to pray, "- said the expert.

The priests say that it is not necessary to gain water cans to it enough until the next baptism. A few liters is enough. Fill a clean, dry bottle, how to fold up and put in a dark place. Now, take a spoonful of holy water and add to the jug with the usual or the kettle. Thus, the holy water will give your property that the water you drink daily.