Named fruit anti-aging

Is grenades are the most superfood, which is able to slow down the aging process? Swiss researchers from the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne have managed to prove it.

Although pomegranate long touted as superfruits, anti-aging, no serious scientific evidence that it was not. And some studies even suggest that we are talking about false advertising on the part of producers of this fruit. But now Swiss researchers still managed to prove that all these claims are true.

They managed to find garnets molecule which is transformed under the influence of microbes in the gut and allows muscle cells to defend themselves against the main causes of aging. In experiments on rodents, nematodes, and this effect was completely confirmed. Clinical trials involving people on the way.

With the aging of our cells with all the great difficulty purify their "power plant" called mitochondria. As a result, they lose the ability to carry out the key function of providing cells with energy. This degradation is observed in many tissues, including muscle, which gradually weakened. Cluster idle mitochondria, according to science, plays a role in the development of many diseases such as Parkinson's disease.

Scientists in Switzerland have discovered a molecule that restores the ability of cell mitochondria to cleanse itself - urolitin A. Its use among cellular worms increased their life expectancy by 45%. It is absolutely natural substance, its effect is powerful and measurable. In older mice after injection of the molecule athletic performance during exercise in the running wheel grew by 42%.

But the rush to the store for hand grenades is not worth it - the fruit itself contains no molecule, and its precursor. A Urolitin appears in our gut indigenous bacteria after exposure, but it depends on the amount microbiome. In some people, this molecule is not produced at all, even if they ate pounds of pomegranates.