Nutritionists said that there at night to lose weight

Dinner - this is one of the most difficult periods for meals. Because after a hard day I want to have a very strong, and the evening meal most unsafe for losing weight.

And in order not to puzzle over what can and can not be bedtime, nutritionists called the Top 5 low-calorie foods for dinner.

1. Fruits and Vegetables. Yes, these foods can be eaten in unlimited quantities for dinner. This may be the pear, apple, melon, kiwi, persimmons, oranges, blueberries. You can also do a variety of fruit salads. But it is not recommended to eat bananas, grapes and cranberries. From vegetables do not forget the tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, peppers, cabbage. By the way, these products will not only help to satisfy hunger, but also to saturate your body with the necessary vitamins and trace elements.

2. Fish. Cook it on steamed or grilled. The fish may be added as in salads, and eat it as a snack. Fish and moreprodukty- is the most low-calorie foods. It is best to eat flounder, carp, crucian carp, perch, salmon. You can also cook the shrimp and crabs.

3. Green. Calorie spinach, for example, is only 30 kcal. But apart from the fact that this product is a low-calorie, greens rich in various vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is indispensable on your desktop not only during dinner. Its green color will also help improve your mood.

4. Dairy products. About cheese for dinner, probably everyone knows. He did well to stave off hunger and gives a feeling of satiety, it does not harm the stomach and your body before going to bed. But also do not forget that you can satisfy your hunger and a glass of skim milk, which contains only 31 kcal. It will help to cope with the desire to have a snack of yogurt and kefir.

5. Boiled chicken. This product will always help you if you are really very hungry. But it is important to remember that the chicken should be boiled. If you fire it, it's not a low-calorie product.